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You will need the following items:2 - 3/8"x10"6" 18 Guage top Rails because that Chain attach Fencing. (You can uncover these in the garden center)1 - 1/4" Braided Nylon Rope. (50ft) 2 - #16 pipeline Clamps2 - 5/8" quick Eye Snaps1 - 41/2" Rope Cleat1 - 1/2 " Swivel Pulley1 - Mini Solar Crackle Sphere


I developed the flagpole with a couple of very young mods for convenience and also to accommodate local soil conditions. Mine flag has been flying proudly on it for about six months. I"d prefer to add a POW/MIA flag under the American flag. Carry out you think the pole might handle that?

This was a good lead. Ns modified it come fit mine situation.

I have an aluminum pole mast that hung at an angle. It was constantly getting tangled by the prevailing winds in ~ our house. So the answer to be a upright flagpole. I have actually long wanted one.

I had a 5" piece of 1 1/2" PVC pipe (white), and also it had actually an angle cut on one end. In my front yard there are brick planters. In a corner area ns drove the PVC pipe down until it hit something hard. (Rock, bedrock, or ???)

I only offered one 10" 6" pipe, and also my aluminum mast (about 5") fit the swedged finish of the rail pipe. (LUCKY ME!)

The solar light I determined fit fine, but I added a quick piece that 3/4" Sch 20 sprinkler PVC to the upright. And I supplied some Locktite brand gelatin super glue to make sure the fixture head continued to be on and also was glued come the PVC together well. The solar irradiate is a wonderful idea, and also I can"t wait because that dark to carry it on.

I followed the rope instructions, but hung my pulley from a closed up "S" hook in ~ the optimal of the pole

Then the flag pole was set into the 1 1/2" PVC driven into the ground.

Worked good, and no more tangled flag!

OH, and I used bronze harness snaps favor this:

I obtained all my needs at my regional Lowe"s, yet harness breaks are obtainable at feeding stores as well. I similar to these type of snaps and have one on my dogs leash, too.

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My 4" X 6" sown American do Flag flies beautifully currently in the afternoon breeze.