Admit it, you have actually tried come suck your own dick. If girlfriend haven’t, you’re around to. The end of curiosity, to prove a point, or for everything reason however you will execute it.

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I psychic trying come suck my own prick for the very first time as soon as I was about 13-14 years old. I didn’t discover much info on the internet ago in the day. Naturally, I had to to trust my guts and figure out just how to suck mine own prick by myslef.

Well, the experiment fail miserably as I come pretty close. I might actually lick the reminder of mine penis yet not more.

I returned to the experiment a couple years later, however, it wasn’t simple at that time either. However, ns took increase the challenge and actually managed to suck my own cock.

Spoiler Alert: it’s more fun as soon as someone else offers you a blowjob.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that currently, I’m no able to carry out self fellatio. I guess I lost my flexibility over the years since I didn’t train much.

Can friend Suck Your very own Dick?

Well, together you can see from the intro, the is indeed possible to suck your own cock.


However, that will call for some training and also even load loss. Unless, the course, you have a large penis the reaches your nipples once erect. Or if you desire to have one, take a watch at prick extenders. It’s the only way to have actually permanent or, at least, semi-permanent results.

I looked approximately the internet and there are miscellaneous reports from men who actually can suck their own cock sharing their stories. Also, there space plenty that those the start choose this:

The guy I dated showed me a trick the can’t be unseen…

Can’t argue v this one.

So, if you’re the mean dude with an average penis, friend can, in fact, learn just how to sucking your own cock. However, the will need some time and dedication.

Self-Suck In 6 easy Steps

Self sucking deserve to be a pleasurous activity, if you execute it right. However, before you even think about learning come suck your own dick, you require evaluate your body properly.

As you more than likely understand, it will certainly require rather some bending and also stamina, so, in case you have some wellness issues, much better find someone who deserve to do the task for you, or consult through a doctor who can help you work-related on your flexibility. Continue to be safe and also don’t do stupid things.

Now the we have our safety and security 101 covered, let’s watch what the takes to discover to suck your very own dick.

#1 gain In Shape

Yes, unfortunately, girlfriend will require to lose the beer belly if friend don’t have actually a super lengthy penis and also want to self-suck.

When it involves penis size vs belly size, a much shorter penis wins over a big belly.

Overall, dick size has very small importance as soon as you have the obstacle (the belly) out of the way.


So, shed the fat. You’ll look and also feel better. Also, will be able to reach your penis with your mouth as well.

Back in the day, ns weighted around 155 – 160 pounds and my height is about 6’1.

As you can see i wasn’t at sight skinny yet didn’t have actually a beer belly in prior of me either.

#2 work-related On her Flexibility

Working ~ above your flexibility is important in stimulate to have the ability to suck your very own dick.

If girlfriend haven’t to be practicing yoga or Pilates, it’s time you start to. Uneven you’re super functional by nature. However, many of us aren’t.

So, you can either sign up because that a yoga course or examine out this yoga for versatility guide. It has some very useful exercises for self-sucking.

When it concerns sucking your very own dick, you need to be an skilled on stretching and also bending. Especially in the neck and ago area.

Having strength in your totality upper human body is also useful. This method you’ll have the ability to stay in the position longer.

TIP: perform bending exercises with a friend. Sit down and try to bend yourself in half. Questioning a friend for one extra push on the back to help you bend also more.

#3 Relax to Suck your Dick

Another thing you must do is chill and relax.

First – don’t acquire pissed if you won’t be able to suck your prick from the first try, almost no one can do that.

Second – carry out a warmth up before the action. This way your muscles will loosen up and also you’ll be able to get into position easier. Also, warming increase reduces the risk of any kind of trauma. As, I stated before, don’t carry out stupid things and don’t walk over your limits.

#4 acquire Super Erection

This action is easy. The harder you are, the longer your dick is. The much longer the dick is – the simpler to with it.

Overall, my ide would it is in to no play with yourself or your partner for at least a couple of days before you sucking your very own dick.

This method you’ll accumulation your excitement and get a harder cock to begin with.

To reach the at sight erection and also keep it because that as long as possible, friend can take into consideration getting a prick ring.

A cock ring increases the blood circulation to your penis and stops it from getting out. So, her erection will be longer and, that course, harder.

Also, if adult contents gets girlfriend in the mood faster, discover some videos in advance. Otherwise, as soon as you’re in the position – girlfriend will battle a lot.

#5 uncover The Position

There space a couple of positions that space comfortable sufficient to sucking your own dick. Uneven you’re among those superhumans that have the right to bend prefer a snake.

Sitting under to suck your dick

The sit down place is an extremely easy and also straightforward. Basically, you should sit down and bend your waist when bringing her head in the direction of your erect penis.

However, the fun part is learning the perfect location for sitting. For some men it’s the floor, because that the rather it’s a chair or any other object.

Experiment and test to find out.

Laying down for self suck

Well, this is the an approach I provided on myself ago in the day.

Since i wasn’t lot of one athlete and also wasn’t super flexible, I uncovered that the easiest way to do it is laying on the floor and also getting some help from a wall.

Also, having a pillow under your head have the right to be helpful.

So, placed yourself in a 90 levels angle with your legs up against the wall. Once you have your at sight erection in place, begin bending your head and also shoulders in the direction of your personal parts.

At the exact same time, carry your legs and also penis in the direction of your face. Ideal outcome – they accomplish in the middle.

#6 Cum Clean

Since you’re a man, you recognize that orgasms don’t come clean. You’ll have actually your dick in your mouth, so you have to decide even if it is you’re swallowing or spitting.

If you haven’t tasted her cum yet, try it prior to self-sucking, it will aid you decide.

If you’re a spitter, choosing the self-sucking while sitting must be an ext comfortable.

If you’re a swallower, cumming when on your ago won’t reason you any type of problems.


As you deserve to see, sucking her own cock is feasible and can be done by many men.

However, just like most pleasures in life, the will call for effort.

Even though self-sucking is no for everyone, ns am sure that virtually everyone has actually tried it once.

Suck her own cock with 6 steps:

Losing the belly weightBecoming flexibleRelaxing the musclesGetting at sight hardFinding the positionSpitting or swallowing

So, if you decide to offer it a go, be certain to be safe and also don’t perform any type of actions that are above your physical capacities.

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Also, get a dick ring to keep the at sight erection longer. Or if you feel prefer you desire to have a longer penis, think about getting a dick extender.