Just discovered this technique and it"s really simple and it"s (in my opinion) the fastest means because you don"t have to do the drive restore exploit (going to world map then going back into the room).


1.)First off go to Yen Sid"s tower (central station>ride the train).

2.)Next, go up the stair clearing nobodies as you walk (BUT DON"T ever KILL THE 4 GAMBLERS).

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3.)Now when you have 2 drive gauge continuing to be go come the room with the 4 gamblers and also then proceed to LOSE, by shed I typical pressing X instead of O. Currently stay in the room until the card/dice kind depletes. And also lo! You obtain a fully restored drive gauge and mp.

4.)Now go north and also kill the berserkers, then go to yen sid"s room. Go down past the gamblers and kill nobodies.

5.)Repeat procedures 3 and 4


7.) profit


Now I recognize I"m a small late yet I simply bought the game and also found this nifty small trick as soon as I was leveling grasp form. Expect this help


Link come commentShare on various other sitesride the train). 2.)Next, go up the stairway clearing nobodies together you walk (BUT DON'T ever before KILL THE 4 GAMBLERS). 3.)Now as soon as you have 2 journey gauge staying go come the room with the four gamblers and then continue to LOSE, by shed I average pressing X rather of O. Now stay in that room until the card/dice type depletes. And also lo! You gain a fully restored journey gauge and mp. 4.)Now walk north and also kill the berserkers, then walk to yen sid's room. Walk down previous the gamblers and kill nobodies. 5.)Repeat measures 3 and also 4 6.)??? 7.) profit now I know I'm a tiny late however I just bought the game and found this nifty tiny trick when I was leveling understand form. Hope this helps " data-webShareUrl="https://www.rebab.net/forum/topic/287913-best-way-to-level-up-final-form/?do=findComment&comment=5841297">More sharing options...

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BEST way to level up final Form

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