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So it sound simple, and obvious: chloroform, duh! However, I"m analysis Stephen King"s Misery, and King"s character Sheldon mentions how hard it is to uncover chloroform.Ironically, my character needed a knocking out agent, yet he"s not in the medical field and also doesn"t know anyone in the medical field. I spoke to an X-ray technology friend that mine and also my nurse sister, and both have actually said that chloroform is no much longer readily obtainable in drug stores, or also online. It"s harder come get. What"s a straightforward agent that would knock someone the end without doing any type of damage that"s easily uncovered in a drug store or supermarket?



Well, research study chemists buy chloroform native aldritch, but I doubt lock would market it to simply anyone. Honestly, and I hate saying this, but it would be so easy to steal chloroform indigenous the Chemistry room of a college if you know where to look.

I cant think of anything the is easily and legally easily accessible that deserve to be supplied to sedate someone versus their wishes.Does the drug need to be inhaled? What about something injectable, which might be carried on the street if not over the counter? alternate sources could be a vet surgery, an ambulance or a nursing home.
An Aluminium baseball bat--Dictionaryaluminum |əˈloōmənəm| ( Brit. Aluminium |ˌalyəˈminēəm|)nounthe chemical facet of atom number 13, a irradiate silvery-gray metal. (Symbol: Al)
What"s a basic agent that would certainly knock someone out without doing any damage that"s easily discovered in a drug keep or supermarket?
What around ether, i m sorry is readily obtainable at auto components stores (and even WalMart) as "Starting Fluid."Disclaimer: I"m no a doctor, and I don"t also play one ~ above TV, for this reason don"t try this at home, based on my say-so!!
Well, study chemists purchase chloroform indigenous aldritch, yet I doubt they would offer it to simply anyone. Honestly, and I dislike saying this, yet it would be so simple to steal chloroform from the Chemistry room of a university if you understand where come look.

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This. Everyone who"s been in a university chemistry or biologic lab and has any type of bit the familiarity v labs can get specifically they needed.