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Summer is finally here! and also if you"re anything favor me, you want to be able to sit outside and also enjoy a pretty picnic in the park or a BBQ in your backyard (without the hassle of flies on her food). Keep reading for fifteen basic and beneficial tips on how to store flies far outside.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, summer is the absolute best time that year. It"s not raining, the sunlight is shining, and also we try to spend as much time as feasible outside. But when the flies are continually lurking, it"s difficult to gain the beautiful weather end a meal.


2) cover the food At her Picnic or BBQ

The paris come for the food. Covering the food and also you"ll at least keep the paris from dispersing all those germs on those dishes. I bought 2 of these huge covers for food. I favor that they fold down and also are basic to store.


3) prosper Strategic plants To store the paris away

Put a pair pots the basil top top or near your table so the paris don"t come near. It will make the table setting smell wonderful, and also hopefully keep away the pesky flies. Below are part plants that will repel flies.

BasilBay leafMintRosemaryLavenderWormwoodCucumberOnions

4) Camphor Candles

These candles are natural fly and also insect repellent. Lock aren"t recommended because that use close to pregnant women, though. Here"s what shows up as soon as I search on Amazon.

5) use Fans to store the paris away

The wait from the fans will certainly make it tough for the paris to fly in the area. As soon as you"re eat outside, try setting up a little fan favor this one come deter the flies. The next purchase I"m making because that the deck is a ceiling fan prefer this one.


10) Citrus

Citrus is an excellent for deterring residence flies, but it"s great for attracting fruit flies. Depending on which paris you"re battling, this may be an alternative for you. Use vital oils or leave out part orange or lemon peels in a bowl. Her guests will love the smell. The (house) flies will certainly not.

Other methods for exactly how to store Flies away Outside

If the natural methods above aren"t working for you, you might need to upgrade to these traps or tape to keep the paris away outside.

11) fly Tape

There are a bunch of various kinds of paris traps. We"ve supplied the sticky tape type *beware of how sticky it is*. The fly tape (when you"ve obtained twenty dead paris on it) is nice unsightly, specifically if you"re make the efforts to gain a quite meal. And it can be toxicity (jury"s still the end on the one).

A natural different to the save bought stuff is making your own fly tape. Follow this tutorial come see exactly how easy the is (it simply takes a tiny while to let the dry).

12) Homemade paris Traps because that a Fly complimentary Picnic

Put a document funnel in a mason jar and also put part liquid in the bottom. Some good liquid alternatives are:

green to apologize scented food soapheated apologize cider vinegarwinehoney water (or street water)

This have the right to work because that fruit flies or residence flies.

13) store Bought fly Traps

I hung up among these top top the deck this weekend. In my excited to rid mine deck of the flies, i didn"t pay much attention to the stamin of mine string. Since three minutes after ns hung it up, the whole thing dropped down and also the water/fly attractant spilled anywhere the deck.

I did hang one increase successfully and also it collected flies for weeks (until it to be full). But the one the fell and broke anywhere stunk up the entirety deck. So learn from my mistake and tie a REALLY an excellent knot so you don"t obtain stinky fly "juice" all over.

14) paris Zapper

Hang a paris zapper like this one top top your earlier deck to save the flies and other insects in ~ bay. And if you want a an ext direct approach, here"s a handheld fly zapper.

15) paris Vacuum

Maybe you want to tackle her fly problem one by one. Check out this fly vacuum and pest zapper (all in one). If friend vacuum up flies through a common vacuum. They"ll most likely fly right ago out. Yet with a fly vacuum, the container is sealed for this reason they can"t get out.

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Conclusion: What Keeps flies Away Outside?

Flies room annoying, we all recognize that. And they"re pistol too. But with this list of fifteen ideas to eliminate flies (natural methods, fly tape, and traps), obtain ready to have a relaxing and also buzzz totally free outdoor celebration event this weekend!

Let me recognize what technique has worked finest for you as you occupational on just how to store flies far outside.