will guide you exactly how to produce a 3-dot line in Microsoft native 2016, indigenous 2013, native 2010 and older native such as Word 2007, 2003 quickly by using key-board shortcuts.

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When working through meeting invite forms, form documents . You must put little dots in the text. Yet sitting and typing manually every period is an extremely time-consuming, more uneven and beautiful. In the write-up below, will overview you exactly how to produce 3 dots in Microsoft Word 2016, native 2013, word 2010 and also Word older than Word 2007, 2003 conveniently by using key-board shortcuts.

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1. Develop a dot (.) quickly with a shortcut

Open Microsoft Word , for older native versions (before 2010), the Tabs panel will show up when you walk to Format> Tabs . As for native 2010 and also above, we simply need to right-click on word text and select Paragraph> Tabs :

Create dots in old indigenous 2007, 2003 versions:


Create dotted present in word 2010, word 2013, word 2016:

There space 2 methods to accessibility Tabs on indigenous 2010, 2013, 2016:

Go to house tab> find Paragraph box, click the arrowhead in the reduced right corner.Right-click ~ above the Word> Paragraph page .


Click Tabs in the reduced left corner to open up the Tabs panel:


In the Tabs panel, we will check out the following options:

Stop position tab : the size of the text will show up when you push Tab (from the left margin that the text, as in the example below is 1 cm)Default tab stops : street from the start to the finish when you push the Tab key (like the example below is 6 cm).


Alignment : align, pick Left - left, center - middle, right - right .Leader : format kind when pressing Tab, 1, none - nothing, 2 is a dot, 3 is a hyphen, 4 is one underscore.

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Select the desired values ​​and then push the set button come change. As the instance above, I will certainly specify v the image below for you come imagine:


2. Uncheck the setup when pushing the Tab key:

If you perform not want to usage the settings once you push the tab, open the Tabs control panel and also press the Clear or Clear All button. Climate click OK.


So is introduced and guide you how to create, set up and use the Tab key to insert dots in the text, Microsoft indigenous 2010. Wish you success!

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