get in the edge in radians below to acquire the value converted to revolutions. The calculator supports values containing decimals, fractions, and also π: (π/2, 1/2π, etc)


How to convert Radians come Revolutions

To transform a radian measurement to a change measurement, multiply the edge by the counter ratio.

due to the fact that one radian is same to 0.159155 revolutions, you deserve to use this simple formula to convert:

Radians and revolutions room both units offered to measure angle. Keep analysis to learn much more about every unit the measure.

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A radian is the measure of angle same to the begin to the finish of an arc split by the radius the the circle or arc.<1> 1 radian is equal to 180/π, or about 57.29578°. Over there are about 6.28318 radians in a circle.

The radian is the SI acquired unit because that angle in the metric system. Radians deserve to be abbreviated as rad, and also are also sometimes abbreviated together c, r, or R. For example, 1 radian can be written as 1 rad, 1 c, 1 r, or 1 R.

Radians are often expressed making use of their definition. The formula to find radians is θ = s/r, wherein the angle in radians θ is equal to the arc size s split by the radius r. Thus, radians may additionally be expressed together the formula that arc size over the radius.

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A revolution, or turn, is equal to 1 rotation roughly a circle, or 360°. Revolutions are commonly used to measure up the speed of rotation, for instance when measure the changes per minute (RPM) that a vehicle"s engine.

A revolution is sometimes likewise referred to as a turn, cycle, or finish rotation. Revolutions deserve to be abbreviated as r, and also are additionally sometimes abbreviated together rev or cyc. Because that example, 1 transformation can be written as 1 r, 1 rev, or 1 cyc.

Radian to transformation Conversion Table

Radian dimensions converted to changes Radians revolutions
1 rad 0.159155 r
2 rad 0.31831 r
3 rad 0.477465 r
4 rad 0.63662 r
5 rad 0.795775 r
6 rad 0.95493 r
7 rad 1.1141 r
8 rad 1.2732 r
9 rad 1.4324 r
10 rad 1.5915 r
11 rad 1.7507 r
12 rad 1.9099 r
13 rad 2.069 r
14 rad 2.2282 r
15 rad 2.3873 r
16 rad 2.5465 r
17 rad 2.7056 r
18 rad 2.8648 r
19 rad 3.0239 r
20 rad 3.1831 r
21 rad 3.3423 r
22 rad 3.5014 r
23 rad 3.6606 r
24 rad 3.8197 r
25 rad 3.9789 r
26 rad 4.138 r
27 rad 4.2972 r
28 rad 4.4563 r
29 rad 4.6155 r
30 rad 4.7746 r
31 rad 4.9338 r
32 rad 5.093 r
33 rad 5.2521 r
34 rad 5.4113 r
35 rad 5.5704 r
36 rad 5.7296 r
37 rad 5.8887 r
38 rad 6.0479 r
39 rad 6.207 r
40 rad 6.3662 r


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