Walmart employees can now download, edit, and also print your W-2 develops through the new online portal Component of Walmarts journey to provide more online money services such as walmart2walmart.

To download the form, walk to the website. Go into your employee Code, to log in. Then kind your SSN and also PIN. Select, “Get your W-2 form” and also print a copy.

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To get your PIN, go to Take keep in mind of the first four number of your gross salary (latest salary). For example, if your gross pay is $18444.50, your PIN is 1844.

What is a W-2 Form?

A W-2 type is an important tax document that an employer submits to the internal Revenue service (IRS) in ~ the finish of each year. This tax document serves together the main record the your annual earnings (salary, incentives, winnings, commissions, etc.), and the taxes the you remitted for the year.

Understanding her W-2 Form

Below information all the boxes had on the W-2 kind and what they are forced for.

Boxes B, and also C – Employer’s identification Number, Name, and Address

Walmart’s to know number, name, address, and also zip code are indicated in this boxes.

Boxes A, E, and also F – Employee’s Social protection Number, Name, Address, and Zip Code

Make sure that every the entries (your social protection number, surname address, and zip code) in these boxes are accurate. Come edit, walk to the website and select “Correct an Error on my W-2”.


During tax season, identification thieves aggressively watch for avenues to defraud the IRS. They deserve to use your Social protection Number (SSN) to record a tax return and fraudulently case a tax refund. Security your personal information and follow these advice to protect against tax-related fraud.

File Your tax Return Early

Even if the deadline has actually been extended this year if friend can record early, do it. This way, any kind of attempt by a scammer will certainly be thwarted by the IRS.

Skip utilizing Public Wi-Fi Access

use it because that surfing however never for logging in to her accounts (financial, email, investment, bank, mortgage, or tax portal account) the contain perceptible information. Publicly Wi-Fi networks are unsecured for this reason hackers or skimmers can easily steal your personal information. Avoid sending or downloading records via publicly Wi-Fi too.

Be Wary the Unpaid taxation Scams

If girlfriend received an e-mail or a message or a speak to from someone claiming to it is in an IRS representative assigned to collection unpaid taxes early immediately, opt to disregard the message. The caller may threaten come revoke your license, immigration status, or report you come the police.

Remember, if you have unpaid counting you will certainly receive notification from the IRS by mail. Then the IRS will give you in-depth instructions on just how to work out your dues in ~ the United states Treasury.


If friend think you are the victim the a scamming operation, instantly go to the adhering to link and also prepare a report top top the incident:

if you have been receiving suspicious calls, messages, or email, visit, check the protection Measures implemented by Your tax Preparer. Before you rental someone to carry out your taxes, inquire just how he/she will store and also protect your taxation data and financial documents.

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Do not forget to perform a background inspect on your taxes preparer. Better yet, hire a tax experienced referred by a relative, friend, or colleague. Mail her Tax records at the short article Office. If you favor to paper your tax returns v the mail, fall your papers at the short article Office or in a USPS mailbox.