Here"s whatever you must know around reaching Sunyshore City and also defeating Volkner in Pokemon brilliant Diamond & shining Pearl.

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pokemon excellent diamond shining pearl sunyshore city volkner guide
This is part 18 of our main Pokemon excellent Diamond & glowing Pearl complete guide and walkthrough, which picks up best after you defeat Team Galactic in ~ Spear Pillar and hopefully record either Dialga or Palkia depending on the version you’re playing. Your next task is to head in the direction of Sunyshore City, whereby you have the right to earn her eighth and final gym argorial from Volkner.

Fortunately for you, the formerly inaccessible Sunyshore City is no much longer suffering native a blackout. This means that ~ coming under from Spear column you deserve to Fly come Veilstone City, head south down route 214, and also when you with Hotel grand Lodge, go right towards the freshly opened path 222. Over there are tons of trainers here who you can take top top if you feel her Pokemon aren’t saturated high-leveled come beat Volkner, yet at this stage in the game it’s truly down to your own discretion. Sunyshore City is a directly shot to the appropriate along course 222, so getting to it from below is a piece of Alcremie. Sorry.

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Once you gain to Sunyshore City, you’ll have to go come the gym in the height left edge of the upper level. Here, you’ll fulfill Flint, an Elite four member who is watching over the gym if Volkner is gone. Supposedly Sunyshore’s leader has actually fallen out of love through battling after one too plenty of bouts with bozos, for this reason it’s approximately you to teach him the value of do benevolent pets claw-punch each other within an inch of their lives again. Volkner is located on the top level of the lighthouse in the bottom right corner of the city. Once you speak come him, return to the gym and head inside.

pokemon excellent diamond bright pearl sunyshore city guide
The gimmick the this gym’s puzzle structure is tied to rotating gears. When it appears complex, it’s pretty easy to simply brute pressure your method through - anytime a equipment is connecting 2 platforms the weren’t already connected, it’s the appropriate solution. Loss all the trainers top top your method to Volkner and also heal up before you take him on. As well as Crasher Wake, Volkner is more than likely the toughest gym leader in the entire game, mostly due to the fact that all three starters aren’t specifically well fitted to take him on, beside from perhaps Torterra.

If you want to make rapid work that Volkner, be sure to lug a Pokemon transferring Ground-type moves to resolve Raichu and Luxray. Octillery is quickly countered by Torterra, Roserade, Luxray, or Magnezone, and also Ambipom must go down favor a sack of flour in ~ the sight of Infernape, Staraptor, or Gallade. Basically, every you need right here are an effective Ground, Fighting, and either electric or Grass moves.

Volkner is tho admittedly quite tough, but you should be able to take him under without too lot stress noted you follow the advice above. When you’ve defeated him and also earned your eighth gym badge, head to the phibìc of Sunyshore City and also speak come the mrs on the beach. If you’ve ever played the Gen 2 games, you’ll most likely recognise Jasmine together the Olivine City gym leader. As a reward for beating Volkner, she’ll offer you the HM because that Waterfall.

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With all eight badges built up and all eight HMs acquired, it’s time to relocate on to component 19 of our complete Pokemon excellent Diamond & bright Pearl walkthrough: win Road.