In WoW Classic, take trip is every done ~ above foot. If you’re lucky sufficient to acquire a mount — in ~ level 40, mind you — you can get around a tiny faster, yet you can’t an extremely well take a horse across the ocean. Whether you want to try out a new questing ar or your pursuits are acquisition you anywhere the place, right here are every the means you can travel between Kalimdor and also Eastern Kingdoms as Horde or Alliance.

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Hop ~ above a boat

The Alliance favors boats to gain them from place to place, and also as an Alliance player you have actually two faction-controlled choices to go in between the two continents. Simply uncover your requisite side of the dock to take the proper boat.

The Bravery: This boat will take you from Auberdine in Darkshore (northwest Kalimdor) to Menethil harbor in the Wetlands (middle of eastern Kingdoms). It docks on the left next in Auberdine and the ideal side in Menethil Harbor.The Lady Mehley: This boat will take it you indigenous Theramore in Dustwallow wetland (middle that Kalimdor) to Menethil port in the Wetlands (middle of east Kingdoms). It only has actually one dock in Theramore, but docks ~ above the left side in Menethil Harbor.

To get to these watercraft locations, flight points are available in Auberdine, Theramore, and Menethil Harbor. However, you’ll need to know all the trip points along your path in stimulate to fly there.


Take the scenic route on a zeppelin

Horde players get to soar with the skies top top a paris zeppelin in Horde-controlled areas. Just climb up the zeppelin tower and find the zeppelin master to take it the appropriate flight.

To get to these zeppelin locations, flight points are available in Orgrimmar, Undercity, and also Grom’gol. However, you’ll require to understand all the flight points along your route in order to paris there.


Hitch a ride v the Neutral Goblins

There is one path between Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms that both factions deserve to take. If you’re ~ above a PVP server, take it caution — both these areas are historically heavily contested.

The Maiden’s Fancy: This boat will take it you from Ratchet in The Barrens (middle of Kalimdor) to Booty only in Stranglethorn Vale (southern eastern Kingdoms).

Both factions can accessibility the flight points in Ratchet and also Booty Bay. Like the others, you’ll require to currently have learned all the flight locations follow me your course in order come fly every the method there.


Make friends through a Mage

If time is of the essence and also you desire a fast trip, greater level Mages can port football player to the various capitol cities. Because that Alliance, Mages get portals to Stormwind and also Ironforge at level 40, and also Darnassus in ~ level 50. For Horde, Orgrimmar and Undercity are accessible at level 40, through Thunder Bluff in ~ 50.

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WoW Classic is all around the journey, yet hopefully these ways to take trip lessen a bit of the time because that you. If you’re boring or feeling specifically frisky, you can likewise head over to the opposite faction’s watercraft or zeppelin locations. Over there is naught actually preventing Alliance indigenous riding zeppelins or Horde from riding the boats, as long as you deserve to make it previous the guards and any opponent players that take umbrage v your presence.

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