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An anonymous article on on facebook asking for assist with a Ouija board has created some hilarious responses.

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The write-up on the 'Spotted: long Eaton' Facebook page asked for someone to take a Ouija plank off your hands because 'things are gaining seriously and horribly weird'.

The full article read: "Ok ns think I need help!

"Bought a Ouija board the various other week, was only intended together a quirky point at a BBQ we had!!

"Now points are getting seriously and horribly monster in the house, please could someone take it the plank off our hands?



An anonymous poster said they had some weird points happening ~ buying a Ouija plank (Image: Getty)

It is unclear whether the short article was made as a hoax or not, however most of the responses in the comments contained little sympathy.

One comical an answer said: "The just thing to aid you currently is to play a Beatles tune backwards, watch in the mirror and also say boobs 3 times, repaint your left foot green and hold a chicken in the air.

"If the doesn't job-related ring the Ghostbusters."

Another human being who did no take the write-up seriously, told the person to follow the advice that Ken Dodd.

The comment said: "As in the native of the an excellent Ken Dodd: stick a cucumber with the door and shout 'the Martians room coming'."

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However, some comments take it the inquiry seriously and gave some actual advice on exactly how to resolve it.

The comment said: "Taking the plank away won't help.

"You should close the conference properly.

"If you're genuinely having troubles now, gaining rid the the board will certainly make your difficulties stay."

Another person gave some advice on just how to remove it 'safely'.

They said: "Wash it in new cool water, plunder in an old cloth and bury that 3ft down in the garden.

"Its the only way to eliminate whatever negativity is holding.

"DO not BURN IT."

Ghostly goings-on in Nottingham

Finally though, one human being wrote a wise response, one which most people would be most inclined to agree with.

The comment said: "The Oujia plank is a brand board video game owned through Hasbro.

"It to be devised together a fun household game for personal introspection and also exploration that the subconscious.

"It had actually been approximately a complete 30 years before a dubious separation, personal, instance (charlatan) claimed it as an ancient divining tool.

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"It is not haunted, open or possessed and neither are any kind of of the entrants nor your home. It's every in her head.