Mew was kind of a pre-internet myth ago in 1996 and also 1997 once Pokemon Red and also Blue hit (Pokemon Yellow came a couple of years later, the course). Millions of children were play this new game called Pokemon, and also suddenly rumors began flying v playgrounds and also school hallways that there were in reality 151 Pokemon in the game, not the 150 the we’d every been called we had to catch. But, how can that be? and also how can you actually get him in your game?

The answers come in assorted forms, some cheated their method through, making use of Gamesharks or something favor that. Finally a couple of glitches confirmed up that could reliably supply a Mew. The Gameshark is no lengthy an option, therefore here’s our overview on how to get Mew in Pokemon Red, Blue, and also Yellow because that the Nintendo 3DS virtual Console.

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So far, it’s been confirmed that this glitches still work, as the gamings are pretty much straight port of the old ones. Still, if you have actually trouble implementing them let us know in the comments. The large bonus despite is the these VC release will be able to transfer Pokemon up to the newer games, so girlfriend will have a Level 7 Mew in Pokemon Sun and Moon in ~ launch if you traction this off.

How to get Mew in Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Red, and Pokemon Blue

For Pokemon Red and Blue over there is a glitch the actually allows you to get Mew before even acquisition on the second gym. Prior to you start, make certain you have plenty the Pokeballs, together you’ll need them to gain Mew. Monitor these actions to provide it a shot.

Get come Cerulean City, whereby the 2nd gym is located, clean the Nugget bridge that takes you to route 24, battling your rivalon the way. Stop fighting in ~ this point, this is an extremely important to the remainder of the measures forhow to acquire Mew in Pokemon Yellow, Red, and also Blue.

At the optimal of the bridge, top top the left side previous some water and also standing two rows the grass down in a ar you’ll watch a solitary trainer. Don’t fight him, you need him for other purposes. Walk approximately him, keeping out the his sightline, and also keep act this until you catch an Abra (this is probably the hardest part and will certainly take a while.


Once you’ve acquired him, head leftto route 25. End up off every solitary trainer here except for a single, certain one. You’ll view him standing phibìc of 2 rocks with a female trainer 2 spaces to the south, with a shaft of 5 rocks standing come his left (as he is facing north). If you have actually trouble spotting him, just save her game and battle everyone. Once you discover the trainer v a level 17 Slowpoke friend have discovered your guy. Pack the video game up indigenous the previous save and fight everyone however him. Save your game at this point to prevent any type of issues.

Use Abra’s teleport capability to head to the Pokecenter to heal up. Currently go back to whereby you recorded Abra and also stand in ~ the peak left corner of the water, alongside the bridge.Save your game again. As soon as you’re prepared to shot the glitch, push down and also start in ~ the same time. The an essential is to obtain the trainer’s attention, when pausing the video game at the exact same time.

If this seemed to work, use Abra’s teleport capacity once again, climate head back to course 25 and fight the Youngster that you left there. You should make certain he walks right into you and not the other method around or Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue could crash. As soon as he’s defeated you have to teleport far again.

Once you make it earlier to Cerulean City head back to the bridge. If every was done correctly, as soon as you walk throughout the border native the city to path 24 your food selection will open on the own. Push B or start to close and BAM! Mew will certainly be fighting you. He’s just a level 7, so pretty simple to catch. Just be mindful not to knock the out.

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Once you have him girlfriend are great to go. You deserve to just wait for Pokemon Sun and also Moon come hit and also then transport him to the brand-new games via Pokemon Bank.