Visiting the dentist to have actually your wisdom this removed may be a reasonably smooth experience. It’s just that after the this extraction, friend would an alert a big hole in your gum and also the bone beneath the gum wherein the tooth supplied to be.

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In most cases, the hole may be stitched up by her dentist, but in the couple of cases wherein stitches are not used, you must expect food obtaining stuck in the hole. This typically leaves a very uncomfortable feeling.

How To obtain Food Out

Do not issue or panic. Food that gets captured in the wound might be uncomfortable. It’s more important to avoid touching or research the wound.


Don’t confused a blood clot with food. A blood gerean is developed when the bleeding has actually stopped ~ an extraction. Lock may show up grey and also look prefer food particles. Cleaning also vigorously, in this case, may remove the clot and cause further complications.

Do not usage fingers or any type of foreign objects to eliminate food. Don’t usage your tongue come poke the feet either as doing this may introduce bacteria come the wound, and also could disrupt the heal process.

Never use a toothpick or dental floss because you only succeed in increasing the chances of infecting the tooth hole and also it can likewise stimulate bleeding.

To eliminate the food, the finest option is to use salt and also warm water rinse. Swish it approximately your mouth till the food is removed. The salt-and-warm-water rinse is prepared by including a level teaspoon of salt right into a cup of warm water.  DO no USE hot WATER. The systems is stirred and is offered to eliminate the food debris. Be careful not to rinse too hard or aggressively.Another alternative is to use water (room temperature) or mouthwash prefer chlorhexidine, Oral- B or Listerine. The mouthwash is usually sold over the counter. Ensure you dilute v water before use.Use a plastic syringe if directed. This will aid you regulate the circulation of water and enable you come clean her wound much more efficiently. However, if not provided properly, it have the right to dislodge the blood gerean forming. Ensure you ask her dentist before you use one.Fill the syringe with heat water. Friend may also use the heat saltwater systems described. Aim the pointer of the syringe together close as possible to the site of her wound there is no actually poignant it. Do the washing up the website of the wound to thoroughly clean the wound and also prevent infection. Execute not push too forcefully.A water pick, likewise known as an dental pulsating irrigator, is a device that intends a present of water at your teeth. A water pick can help remove food particles from your teeth the means a toothpick would certainly without causing damage to the gum. You can aim the present of water right into the area whereby the food is stuck to try to dislodge it there is no injuring yourself.


Avoid chewing ~ above the next of the extraction for at the very least 3 job after. This might not it is in comfortable so you might be advised to take just liquid food, semi-solid food or foods that don’t require chewing.

Avoid grainy foodstuffs like rice or bread because these foods have a high possibility of gaining stuck in the extraction hole.

From the 2nd day ~ the extraction, the warm salt water rinse have to be started and also this need to be done at least eight time a day, specifically after meals. This is done to to wash out any food corpuscle that may be trapped and likewise to keep the area clean.

Possible Complications

While any kind of food bit stuck in wisdom tooth hole deserve to be quite uncomfortable, the cannot reason an infection on that own. But if the food particles are not removed, the can carry out a substrate for bacteria come grow. This then causes infection and also really bad pain.

Once the wound starts to heal, the hole will certainly be extended with a healthy and balanced layer of brand-new cells to safeguard the deeper organization from bacteria. When that happens, even if you have actually food particles walk within the socket, the is unlikely the they deserve to lead to infection.

Extraction healing Timeline

The size of time taken because that the tooth hole to close increase is dependent on part factors.

If the tooth was gotten rid of with minimal trauma to the surrounding tissues (especially the bone), the hole need to close up by the second or 3rd day. The gum tissue normally covers the wound within 2–5 days.

If the tooth to be surgically gotten rid of as a an outcome of abnormal positioning, in together a method that it forced removal the overlying bone and/or mucosa, it may take approximately 3–4 weeks to close up relying on how traumatic that was and the time taken to remove the tooth.

Underlying medical problems like untreated diabetes, anemia, and many other illness can expand healing.

If there was an epidemic after the removal, it might require an ext time because that the hole to nearby up.

Once the hole has actually closed up, you don’t have to worry around food gaining stuck in the feet again.


It is essential to understand what to do and also not to panic once food gets stuck in the wisdom tooth hole. Also, ensure that the post-extraction indict are followed strictly so regarding prevent complications.

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