This cute tiny unicorn hoodie has caused a many weeping and wailing in our residence this week. Against my better judgment, i bought this hoodie also though it was an ext than i would normally pay for a hoodie and even despite it was white. (I know, WHAT was ns thinking?! I can be such a sucker as soon as it involves my infant girl, and also I simply knew she would love it!) It will come as no surprise when I phone call you that after wearing that 2 or 3 times, mine sweet daughter comes residence from institution with a dry erase marker stain (black, psychic you) best smack dab in the center of the prior of the sweatshirt! AAAARRRGGG!

In the past, I had actually had zero success in obtaining dry erase marker the end of other items the clothing, so i was pretty persuaded that there to be no obtaining this black mark out and also that the unicorn hoodie to be ruined. But, due to the fact that the hoodie was brand-spanking new, I had actually to try again.

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Rubbing Alcohol, Hairspray, and Bleach Don’t Work

I Googled “How to get dry erase marker the end of clothes,” and also found several posts and YouTube videos that recommended using rubbing alcohol and also hairspray to easily remove a dry erase mite stain. And also my daughter assured me that her friend had told her the her mom had actually used hairspray top top a dried erase marker stain, and it had come ideal out!

So, ns watched a woman in a YouTube video clip use rubbing alcohol and also hairspray to quickly remove black dry erase marker and also then adhered to the procedure she had so effortlessly demonstrated. To mine utter frustration, the black mark did not budge! Like, not also a little bit!

Then, I thought “It’s white, for this reason I’ll just shot bleach. Bleach takes whatever out, right?” So, ns tried bleach. Nothing.

Sunscreen is a No-Go

At this point, I’m even much more convinced the the hoodie is ruined. But I’m a pretty identified person, therefore I want to make sure I had exhausted all possible solutions. I did a little an ext internet searching and found a forum suggesting a mix that Murphy’s Oil Soap and also sunscreen would eliminate dry erase mite stains native clothes.

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My suffer with sunscreen and also white apparel is that the sunscreen turns any kind of white clothes permanently yellow. So, ns decided against using the sunscreen due to the fact that I didn’t desire to include a yellow stain come the black one I currently had.

Murphy’s Oil Soap go the Trick!

I great I had actually taken a “before” photo because the “after” outcomes are truly amazing in comparison. Ns was so dazzling to save this hoodie and be a hero because that my daughter (who cried herself come sleep thinking that she hoodie to be ruined) the I had actually to re-publishing this tidbit of details in the hope that it can save other parents part tears and grief!