This Minecraft planet tips overview shows you how to acquire coal without grinding rock in the overworld.

If you’re a long-time Minecraft fan, you’re currently aware that one of the most important items beforehand in a playthrough is coal, which permits you to handmade torches because that light and safety. Coal works lot the same means in Minecraft Earth, however while you deserve to casually dig coal out of the ground in vanilla Minecraft, the isn’t rather so simple in Minecraft Earth.

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With Minecraft Earthofficially below on iOS and also Android, the game brings the indie classic’s standard gameplay loops (looting materials, finding rare treasures, and also building whatever you have the right to imagine) into augmented reality. The said, here\"s our overview on how to quickly get coal in Minecraft Earth.

How to gain Coal in Minecraft Earth

Coal is rarely just lying approximately in Minecraft Earth.

The simplest and also quickest means to uncover coal in Minecraft Earth is by going on one Adventure, which tasks a small square section of in-game land onto a physical place in prior of you.

This is favor playing really Minecraft, however you walk roughly the actual world and also move her phone approximately to move around in the game. You can fight mobs, prey treasure chests, chop under trees, place blocks, and also most importantly, you deserve to dig into the ground.

Coal is generally found in the ground if you\"re on one Adventure, for this reason this is where you need to look because that coal first in Minecraft Earth.


That said, you\"ll desire to come prepared for this. You deserve to dig dirt with your ceiling hands, yet you won\"t have the ability to break charcoal blocks without a pickaxe.As a brand-new player, girlfriend should lug at least one Wood or (preferably) Stone Pickaxe in addition to you.

How to handmade a rock Pickax in Minecraft Earth

You can craft a stone Pickaxe easily, through gathering stone and hardwood from the overworld setting while girlfriend walk. Once you uncover some life wood, transform it into wooden pink in the do menu.

Then, transform the planks right into wooden sticks. A single Stone Pickaxe only expenses three Cobblestone and also two Sticks.


Similar to Pokemon Go, Minecraft Earth supplies your device’s built-in GPS to track her movements roughly the overworld. You can collect arbitrarily assortments of blocks together you walk about in the genuine world, i beg your pardon is a good way to find pockets that raw materials like hardwood and stone as you traverse the neighborhood.

While you\"ll require those points to build tools, consisting of torches and mining picks, it\"s extremely unlikely the you\"ll uncover coal while girlfriend walk approximately the map. That\"s why Adventures space so important.

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This concludes our overview on just how to get coal in Minecraft Earth. Stay tuned for an ext Minecraft Earth guidesas we continue exploring this creative new take it on augmented reality.