You deserve to get Biggoron"s Swordas soon as you pull the Master Sword from the pedestal the first time,yet just if you have Epona (check out just how to acquire Epona), and also you planteda Magic Bean in the entrance of Dodongo"s Cavern.It helps to have another bean stalk near theLost Woods entrance, however it"s not entirely vital.

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Before attempting this search, you have to additionally acquire the hookswarm from Kakariko Village.Check the Temple of Timearea to find out how to acquire the hookshot.

Unfortunately, if you haven"t learned Epona"s song and also planted a magicbean at Death Mountain Trail prior to coming to be Adult Link, you will have actually towait until you have the right to go earlier to the past, which you deserve to only do after you have completed the initially Temple. Biggoron"sSword is not vital to beat the game, but it provides things much easier.

Once you have actually pulled the Master Sword from the pedestal, if you have actually Epona and have actually planted a Magic Bean in the entrance to Dodongo"s Cavern in the past, you can start the search.

First stop: Kakariko Village

Talk to the Cucco girl in Kakariko Villageand she"ll give you a Pocket Egg. Turn it fromnight to day (or day to night to day) to hatch the egg, then go right into thehome wbelow Talon is sleeping (it"s thenon-brick house near the well) and use the Pocket Cucco on Talon to wakehim up. Give the Pocket Cucco to the Cucco girl and also she gives you Cojiro.

Second stop: Lost Woods

Ride Epona to the Kokiri Forest and also enter the Lost Woods. Make a leftfrom the entrance. That creepy-looking man is sitting by the tall stump.Sexactly how him Cojiro and also he offers you the Odd Mushroom. This item will go badafter a few minutes, so you need to hurry to the next sheight. If you planted a Magic Bean in the location that overlooks the bridge to Kokiri Foremainder, go to it and also ride the bean stalk, then jump onto the bridgeand leave the forest. If you didn"t plantthe bean, go back to the first location of the Lost woods and also take one ofthe wrong exits. Go out to Hypreeminence Field.

Third stop: Kakariko Village

Ride Epona to Kakariko. Turn it to daytime if it"s night. Run tothe shop, which is near the entrance to the Death Mountain Trail.It will be closed at night time, so make certain that it"s day timebefore you begin running towards it.Inside the shop, tright here is an exit at the left side of the respond to.Go with it. Jump off of the ledge exterior and also run up the stairs.Enter the shop right here and give the Odd Mushroom to the woguy. Make sure that you are cshed to her and facing her, or she won"t seethat you are giving it.In return, she provides you the Odd Potion, which does not spoil.

Fourth stop: Lost Woods

Ride Epona to the Lost Woods, and also go to wbelow the creepy man was.There"s a Kokiri girl in his place. Apparently he didn"t last longsufficient for you to give him the potion... Anymethod, offer the girl the Odd Potion and also sheprovides you the Poacher"s Saw. Go out to Hydominance Field.

5th stop: Geruexecute Valley

You need to ride Epona for this step. Ride to Geruexecute Valley. The entranceis in the west of Hydominance Field. Slowly trot over the wooden bridge, andthen usage carrots and also gallop over the damaged second bridge. If youperform it effectively, Epona will certainly jump over the gap. Dismount and also offer thePoacher"s Saw to the carpenter. He provides you the Broken Goron"s Sword.

Sixth stop: Death Mountain Trail

Ride Epona to Kakariko, and also go to Death Mountain Trail. When you reachthe entrance to Dodongo"s Cavern, action on the bean stalk and also jump off of itas soon as it starts to go ago the means it came, which will certainly take place near the beginningof the trail bring about where the eruptions start. Go to the base of the wall that youdeserve to climb (you deserve to protect against any type of falling rocks by watching out for shadows).Be conscious that there"s a Tektite above. If you wait just beyond the base ofthis wall, the Tektite will loss. You"ll desire to tempt it to you this wayand also kill it so that it does not hit you while you"re trying to climb. Kill theskulltulas with the Hookshot and climb up. Walk to the area that is to the ideal of the entrance to Death Mountain Crater,and also Biggoron will certainly stand up.Sjust how him the Broken Goron"s Sword and he"ll give you the Prescription.

Seventh stop: Zora"s Domain

Ride Epona to the entrance to Zora"s River. Before going in from HyruleField, revolve Epona so that she"s encountering away from the Zora"s River entrance.Now make your way to Zora"s Fountain, which is wright here you uncovered Lord Jabu-Jabuin the past. You"ll notice on the method that the whole location is frozen over,and also King Zora is trapped in a block of red ice! We"ll have to resolve that.

To rescue King Zora, you will need to go to the Ice Cavern to catchsome blue fire in a bottle. To obtain tbelow, go to the location wbelow Jabu-Jabu wasin the past. Tright here is a big block of ice wright here Jabu-Jabu supplied to be.Climb onto it. From the high end, you deserve to jump onto a round block of ice.Jump toward the ideal, wbelow there is a piece of heart waiting for you on anice block. Then jump from block to block in the various other direction, into the cave entrance across the fountain.

You don"t need to complete the entirety cavern appropriate currently.You have the right to easily go in, acquire the blue fire, and go out, if you choose. To obtain the blue fire without exploring the entirety cavern, kill the Freezards in the room with the bars so you deserve to proceed to the next room, then collect the silver rupees in the room via the spinning bladeto open the bars there. Then proceed with the cavern to reach a room withblue flames on a increased platdevelop. Use an empty bottle to collect the blue flames. If you need even more thorough instructions, refer to the Ice Cavern web page.

Use the blue fire alongside King Zora to melt the red ice. Then get onthe platcreate and talk to him. In thanks he"ll offer you the blue tunic.If you acquired the Iron Boots in the Ice Cavern, you can go back to Zora"sFountain now, put the Iron Boots and blue tunic on, and sink to thebottom of the fountain for a piece of heart. Or you can do that later on.

Then, if you"re all set for a countdown, showKing Zora the prescription. He gives you the Eyeball Frog, which willspoil in a couple of minutes, so hurry.

Eighth stop: Lakeside Laboratory

To get out of Zora"s Doprimary easily, make a left from King Zora and jump offthe appropriate edge of the waterloss at an angle. You acquire hurt, yet you savea lot of time. Walk throughout the ice and also climb up the ladder that goesup to the leave of Zora"s Domain, and exit.

Jump into Zora"s River and also run with the water out to Hydominion Field.Epona have to be still waiting wbelow you left her. Climb into the saddle andhead for Lake Hylia. Use all but one carrot, then as soon as a second carrotshows up, use it. Repeat this to stay at peak speed. You"ll desire tohead about the left side of Lon Lon Ranch to acquire tbelow. You"ll seea fence in your means in the distance. There"s a gap in it to the ideal.When you"re near the Lake Hylia entrance there"s an additional fence. Stay alittle bit to the left to prevent it. To make it over the fences to Lake Hyliayou have to use carrots, so make sure you don"t run out of them beforeyou get to the fences.

In Lake Hylia, make your method in carefully, bereason there"s a little slope onthe way in that could make Epona sheight if you hit it dead on, so staynear the wall. Once you"re at the door of the Lakeside Laboratory,dismount and run inside.

Sexactly how the creepy man the Eyeround Frog, and he"ll provide you the Eyedrops,which isone more item that will certainly spoil in a few minutes.

Ninth Stop: Death Mountain Trail

Quickly run out and climb into the saddle. Use carrots and also make yourway out of the lake, making sure to stay close to the wall to stop theslope that could be also steep for Epona.

Once out of the lake, store making use of carrots and also you"ll gain over the fences.Stay to the best of Lon Lon Ranch on the method to Kakariko.Be careful going over the bridge causing Kakariko: if you go over it quickly via Epona at a bad angle, she can speak. At Kakariko, dismount and go in.

Run to the entrance of Death Mountain Trail.

Use the bean stalk just outside Dodongo"s Cavern as prior to to easily getup to the course via the eruptions. Remember to run out of the way if youview shadows on the ground. At the wall that you have the right to climb, remember to staya little distance from the wall to lure the tektite to land near you soyou deserve to kill it. Then usage the Hookswarm to kill the skulltulas on the means up.Quickly walk up to Biggoron (he"s to the best of the entrance to Death MountainCrater) and also provide him the Eyedrops. He provides you the Claim Check.

Play Sun"s Track six times, however wait until daybreak/nightautumn before playingthe song each time. This renders three days pass. Show Biggoronyour Claim Check and he"ll provide you Biggoron"s Sword. (If it"s not prepared, justsave playing Sun"s Track and checking via him until he offers it to you).

Biggoron"s Sword is so big that you have to wieldit via both hands, which suggests that you can"t usage your shield while holding it. You can still use the shield, but only if you put Biggoron"s Sword away first.

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If you try to raise your shield while holding Biggoron"s Sword,you will certainly organize the blade in front of you, yet it does not actually protect you.This blade is twice aseffective as the Master Sword.