When we talk around improving our bowling game, one of the most wanted outcomes is constantly getting an ext strikes.

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While we recommend you focus on other areas too to end up being a well-rounded bowler (like knowledge oil and also lane conditions and practicing choose up your spares), this short article will it is in all about those fun and also exciting rolls the demolish every ten pins in one try. The strike, the course.

To ask “how deserve to I get an ext strikes” might seem favor a an easy question, yet in fact it touches a wide variety of elements of bowling, varying from your an approach to your equipment. This write-up will serve as a crash food for much more strikes, and also thus greater scores as a result.

Tips for just how to key Strikes Consistently

As we’ve said, everyone who bowls can acquire a to win now and then just thanks come luck and also the odds of at some point striking the pins in simply the appropriate way.

So it’s consistent strikes that we’re after, then a feeling that every time you role your shot, you have actually a good chance that striking.

How execute you get to that suggest of consistency?

Hook Bowling for much more Strike Potential

One of the finest ways to much more consistently key strikes is to embrace the hook bowling technique. This means that the round curves in its route down the lane.

Why does this command to an ext strikes?

Basically, it gives you a better angle come the pocket, the key spot in in between the 1 and also 3 pins (just come the right of the head pin) if you are a right handed bowler; and the 1 and also 2 pins (just to the left) if you space a lefty.

We can’t stress enough the worth in a hook ball. Its services include more force at impact and enhanced pin carry.

The best part is that by making use of a hook, your ball’s changes will give you more strikes also if girlfriend don’t uncover the pocket perfectly.

To key a hook, you want to usage a fingertip trip, swing ~ above a pendulum, and at the point of release, lift her fingers while rotating (or flicking) them come the next (in a counter clockwise activity if you are a righty and clockwise if you space a lefty).

Read our short article on how to key a hook for more step by action instruction in law this.

How to bowl Strikes through a right Ball

But this isn’t come say that you can’t acquire strikes there is no a hook, together just around any right bowler deserve to attest to. (After all, if you key for a while you’re tied to acquire a to win now and also then no issue what layout you use.)

If you’re brand-new to bowling, climate the straight shot is practically always what you space going to want to learn first.

So what, then room some tips because that getting much more strikes if you perform throw a straight ball?

Just as we stated with hook bowling, a right bowler additionally wants to shot to struggle the pocket v their shot, as this still provide them the best chance that knocking under all 10 pins.

If girlfriend hit the head pin directly on, girlfriend won’t get the right pin activity and you additionally risk leaving a complicated split.

It’s likewise important to occupational on where you aim. Don’t try to heat up through the pins directly, however rather use the signs on the lane, the arrows and also dots, come aim your shot.

Other great things come remember include keeping her wrist straight, keep your hand solid through the release, and also follow through right into a handshake position.

Best species of Bowling Balls because that Strikes


After bowling with a hook, the next most far-reaching factor because that striking is the tools that you role with. Therefore what, specifically are the finest bowling balls for strikes?

House bowling balls you uncover on the racks in ~ the alley room made of plastic and no matter how you litter them, they will not have actually the ability to hook as much as tradition balls that are made from various other materials.

Urethane bowling balls have actually much more hook potential and are recommended for the major bowler who want to discover to strike more consistently.

Other advanced coverstock products like reactive resin balls room slightly costlier investments however can more than pay turn off for the an ext serious bowler.

The weight of the sphere is also vital factor, however not always in a clear-cut way. First, a slightly heavier round (like moving up native 13 come 14 pounds) can aid give you extr pin carry.

But friend don’t want to overdo it and try to role a sphere that’s too hefty for you and also will be complicated to try to control and can even lead come injuries. Therefore it’s important that friend balance these two principles and choose a weight that’s ideal for you: a bit heavier if feasible but not too much.

Read our article on picking your very first bowling round for a much more in-depth discussion of these ideas.

Mastering Oil and also Lane conditions for an ext Strikes

When you’re bowling for strikes, it’s important that you recognize lane conditions, otherwise well-known as the volume and location of the oil the is applied to the lane.

The bowling sphere hooks an ext on a lane with tiny oil (dry) and also it hooks less on a lane with an ext oil (wet).

This is more important if you throw a hook ball due to the fact that your ball will be coming across the lane much more and for this reason encountering an ext (or less) oil. If you’re a straight bowler, climate this facet is no as important.

Read our article on bowling lane problems for an ext tips ~ above this complicated ares that the game.

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We hope this write-up has provided you some activity items to implement in your game in bespeak to increase your strike potential.

As you have actually read, your an approach is important but it’s much from the only factor. In order come consistently enhance your bowling game and also bowl more strikes, you additionally need to consider your equipment and the conditions that you uncover on the lane.