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How should You Hug a Girl?

How carry out you hug a girl? The assumed of hugging a girl deserve to make a shy male or finish introvert nice nervous. Also the many casual exchanges of physics intimacy can be awkward for someone who is not as well comfortable through the opposite sex. From cute and friendly hugs come warm and romantic ones, this article gives advice on just how a guy can ease himself into becoming comfortable v hugging a girl, whether she is a friend, crush, or his first girlfriend.

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13 Tips for Hugging a Girl

Smile as you walk toward her to gauge whether or not you should give her a hug.Walk slowly and calmly towards her.Don't hold your arms vast open indigenous too much away.Carry you yourself confidently together you walk to the girl.Maintain eye contact and greet her together you come closer.Open her arms wide during your last couple of steps.Decide the side on which you room going come tilt your neck.Lean in slightly—don't lean in come the level that only your shoulders touch.Know where to keep your hands throughout the hug.Don't let her hands slide under the girl's lower back.Don't flinch or action awkward during the hug.Don't let go immediately; don't hold on also long, either.Avoid the awkward moment after a hug by prepare a post-hug conversation starter.

1. Smile as you walk toward her to gauge even if it is or not you should provide her a hug.

A cute smile will automatically break the ice, also when you are at a distance. If she returns a heat smile, you deserve to take it as a authorize that hugging her most likely won't make the situation awkward.

2. To walk slowly and also calmly toward her.

Walking too quick can do you seem over-eager. It will additionally reveal your nervousness and might do you provide off weird vibes. Act herbal by go calmly and also slowly as if you to be strolling in the park.

3. Don't organize your arms broad open native too much away.

Unless you space a boyfriend meeting your girlfriend after countless weeks or months of no seeing every other, avoid the faux pas that holding her arms wide open as you walk towards the girl—you will freak her out and make her wonder why you're therefore excited. Save your hands at her sides and walk typically as you strategy her.

4. Lug yourself confidently as you walk to the girl.

Most that the time, absence of to trust is a deal-breaker as soon as it comes to shy guys connecting with girls. Even if you have the biggest crush ~ above the girl you are about to hug, you require to gain a grip on her nerves and also display a high level the confidence.

Here space a couple of tips for maintaining great posture together you walk towards a girl come hug her:

Keep her shoulders broad, yet don't be stiff.Relax and take a deep breath.Keep your hands at her sides.Don't stoop—keep your back straight.Hold her head high; don't look at down.


If you continue to be confident together you approach the girl you're hugging, she will be relaxed, and the situation won't it is in awkward.

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5. Keep eye contact and greet her together you come closer.

Guys should realize that one of the easiest methods to know a mrs is to look into her eyes. Psychic this and maintain continuous eye contact with a girl together you strategy her to give her a hug. Greet her v a "hi" or "hey, what's up?"

The few words exchanged v her will additional relax you and reduce any type of bit that nervousness you may still feel. The will additionally lay the foundation for the critical after-hug conversation.

6. Open your arms large during her last few steps.

Give the girl a authorize that you room going come hug she by opening up your arms vast during your last couple of steps. Make certain that your effort is not half-hearted. Store your palms open and also your elbows stretched out.

7. Decision the side on i m sorry you space going to tilt her neck.

Just like how you would give her a kiss, you must decide which means you are going come tilt your neck when you hug a girl. She will instantly spot your nervousness if you wait for her to pick a side.

Once you tilt her head come one side and also go in because that the hug, don't fumble and also move her head the various other way. Ideally, the girl will tilt her neck come the the contrary side, and both that you will certainly seamlessly fit right into each various other like a hand in a glove.

8. Lean in slightly—don't lean to the extent that just your shoulders touch.

Lean in towards the girl as soon as you hug her, yet don't lean to the level that just your shoulders touch. Your whole bodies don't have to be touching, yet as a dominion of thumb, make certain that at the very least your torsos native the navels increase are touching as friend hug her.


If she's her girlfriend, the hug might shift into a much more romantic embrace, favor in the photograph above. If she's no your girlfriend, don't risk touching her hair or relocating your hands down her earlier without she consent.

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9. Recognize where to save your hands during the hug.

Guys who space shy often fumble v their hands when they hug a girl. Right here are some basic guidelines the will help you to be more comfortable v your hands once you hug a girl:

Don't clench her palms right into fists.The safest position is to rest among your hands on her upper back just listed below the shoulders and also the other on she lower ago just over her hips.Unless she is her girlfriend or someone you have actually known for countless years, don't caress she or wriggle her hands around on her back.

10. Don't let her hands on slide down listed below the girl's lower back.

It is one thing if girlfriend feel prefer putting your hand on her girlfriend's bum when you provide her a mischievous hug (make certain she's okay with it first, even if she is your girlfriend). Yet if she is not your girlfriend, she is not most likely to like feeling her hand on she butt.

Be firm but gentle as you place your hand on her reduced back. The little slip under to she bum might be embarrassing because that both of you.


Hugs have the right to be cute and also friendly—they don't have to be one awkward and scary experience!

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11. Dealing with physical intimacy—don't flinch or action awkward once you hug a girl.

A shy guy or an introvert that feels nervous around approaching girls might feel awkward if hugging a girl for plenty of reasons:

Hugging a girl may excite him.Any sort of physical closeness with a girl provides him nervous.He it s okay turned on by the hug.

If you deserve to relate to any type of of these reasons, mentally disassociate them indigenous the plot of providing a hug. Remind yourself the a hug is simply a warm, trusted gesture, much like shaking a hand with another guy. The does not have to be a huge deal at all.

12. Don't let go immediately; don't hug for also long, either.

Letting walk of a hug automatically will result in one awkward vibe if holding top top to her for too long might make friend look like a weirdo. Unfortunately, there is no addressed time in any type of rule book that dictates the variety of seconds you should hug a girl, yet anywhere in between two to 4 seconds should be okay.

13. Avoid the awkward moment after a hug by prepare a post-hug conversation starter.

For a shy guy, the feeling of awkwardness go not end when the hug ends. The real an obstacle begins after ~ the hug since he is likely to have actually nothing come say to her.

If you can relate come this situation, think the a few conversation starters prior to you provide her a hug. Be calm so the your hug normally transforms into a warm and friendly conversation.

Tips for providing a Girl a friendly Hug

Keep these things in mind once you are offering a hug come a girl who is simply a friend or who you space meeting for the first time:

Be gentle and also casual—don't give her a chop hug.Don't let your hug critical for an ext than a couple of seconds.Don't relocate your hands around on she back.Keep talking while hugging her.

Tips for giving a Girl a Romantic Hug

Giving your girlfriend a hug? do every second of it romantic v these tips:

Hug her tightly.Let the end a loving sigh.Caress her ago with your palms.Whisper something in she ear as you hug her.Let her rest her head on your shoulders.Lift her together you hug her.Touch your foreheads together and gaze into her eyes as you relax the embrace.


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Don't do it - it's dangerous and also risky. Don't even look at them. One harassment charge can ruin her life. Men are much much better off when they get rid of women from your life.

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