Having one Elf on the Shelf is a fun way to kick turn off the holiday season in your home. And also there are so many an excellent ways to welcome your Elf to your house!

Whether you’re inviting one Elf top top the Shelf come your house for the an initial time or just welcoming him ago for one more mischievous holiday season, you’ll love these principles for welcoming your Elf on the Shelf to her house.

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Once you’ve welcome her Elf, grab this calendar with one full month of easy Elf top top the Shelf ideas. You’ll never ever run out of creative ways to pose your Elf every day!

Ideas come Welcome her Elf top top the Shelf

1. Christmas Breakfast

Putting with each other a unique Christmas-themed breakfast from your family’s Elf is a good way come welcome the to her home.

Whether you simply make a large breakfast through pancakes and also bacon or develop a an ext Christmas-y spread, having actually a unique breakfast top top the day your Elf arrives is a fun household tradition you have the right to do every year.

There space a couple of fun ways to incorporate her Elf into this basic tradition.

Make it look choose your Elf yielded all the ingredients because that the holiday breakfast, then do the breakfast together as a family.Make the breakfast prior to your children wake up, then do it look like your Elf whipped up the meal for the family.Set a ar at the table for her family’s Elf and also invite her to sign up with the meal.

2. Christmas Cookies

Celebrating her Elf’s return with a batch that sweet treats is the perfect method to welcome him because that the holiday season!

Christmas cookies are a funny tradition during the vacation season. And also since Elf and also Santa work-related hand-in-hand, you can be sure he loves cookies practically as lot as his boss.

Make this sweet Elf tradition fun for your family by customizing. Here are some unique ways come welcome your Elf come your residence with cookies:

Whip increase a batch of your kid’s favorite cookie and set them top top a plate next to your Elf as soon as he arrives, making that look prefer he brought the cookies from the phibìc Pole for the kids.Set out ingredients for her kid’s favorite cookies through the cooking recipes from your Elf, then invest the afternoon make cookies together as a family.

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3. Hide and also Seek

Does her Elf love to hide native your kids when he returns from the phibìc Pole each night?

Make his come a video game of hide and also seek by hiding your Elf and also asking the youngsters to uncover him ~ above his arrival date.

To do this heritage work, be certain your Elf come on the same day each year. This offers your children something come look front to each holiday season and also makes his come a fun game for the entirety family.

Here are some fun ways to add this Elf video game to your holiday traditions:

Hide your elf in a spot that’s complicated for her youngest child yet still visible, then let your youngsters know he has arrived and also send lock on a search of the house.Leave a note out letting your youngsters know Elf has arrived and also is hiding what in the house. Ask them to search the residence for your Elf.

4. Tree Decorating

Get your Elf associated in decorating the tree by tie her come to the yearly tradition.

If your kids love help decorate the tree, they’ll love having their Elf be component of the Christmas fun. And there room so many an excellent ways come start adding your Elf to your tree decorating festivities.

Set increase the tree while the kids are sleeping, then set the Elf in the branches. Leaving the accessories out close to the tree for this reason your kids can assist decorate once they wake up up.Start decorating the tree through the much more fragile ornaments, then leave a heap of unbreakable ornaments close to the tree because that your kids to hang. Place a note from your Elf next to the ornaments saying he’ll arrive after ~ the tree is decorated for Christmas.

5. A Celebration!

Your Elf’s arrival is definitely a factor to celebrate! make a big deal the the event by producing a celebration bordering his arrival.

What i love around this simple idea is the you have the right to make it your own.

Whether you hold a huge party or just decorate her house, making your Elf’s arrival a celebration is a an excellent way to obtain your youngsters excited around the holidays.

Here are some fun methods to celebrate once your family’s elf arrives:

Hang streamers from her kid’s bedroom doors and also place balloons on the floor. As soon as your youngsters wake up, call them that their Elf decorated the house because he’s so happy to be visiting.Have an Elf-inspired Christmas party with cookies and also milk. Decorate the dining room table v North Pole themed décor and collection out cookies and also milk because that your family members to enjoy when your Elf arrives.

6. Presents because that the Kids

Just because Santa gets all the gift-giving glory during the holidays doesn’t average that her family’s Elf can’t get in top top the fun.

This year, make her Elf’s arrival special v a simple gift for your kids from her Elf. The gift doesn’t need to be large or flashy, simply something one-of-a-kind to kick off the holiday season.

Looking for part gift ideas? These simple presents space perfect:

So you can see, over there aremany ways to welcome your Elf on the Shelf that space not only fun, however easy enoughto implement.

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Have some funny this year andgive her Elf the grand entrance your children will love.