The consistent of sport in a straight variation is the constant (unchanged) proportion of two change quantities.

The formula for straight variation is

y = k x (or y = k x )

wherein k is the constant of variation .

instance 1:

If y varies straight as x and also y = 15 when x = 24 , uncover x once y = 25 . find the consistent of variation.

k = y x = 15 24 = 5 8 y = 5 8 x

To discover x , instead of 25 because that y .

25 = 5 8 x     x = 40

The continuous of sport in an indirect sport is the constant (unchanged) product in between two change quantities.

The formula because that indirect sports is

x y = k (or y = k x )

where k is the constant of sports .

instance 2:

If that takes 4 hours at an typical speed that 90 km/h to do a details journey, just how long would certainly it take at 120 km/h? discover the constant of variation. k = speed · time k = 90 ⋅ 4 = 360 Then,

time = k speed                       = 360 120                       = 3 hrs .

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