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By jonrx9999

Sephiroth is super solid and has 15 life bars. Ns beat him in ~ level 63 after ~ some tough working at a sound strategy.He has actually three different assault phases which will be disputed in granulated detail below in the strategy section.Also, Ultima Weapon is a must have (YES it is worth placing the time into acquiring it) because of the MP Hastega ability it possesses. You'll require speedy MP restore to assist heal yourself when needed. An ext about healing below.Strategy--------1st Phase---------Repeatedly press Triangle in ~ the start of the fight to block every one of the access time from Sephiroth's beginning move, the Dash & cut move. You will block the attack and also then Sephiroth will certainly be momentarily open to a combo attack. From below on is wherein the fight starts. YOUR best OFFENSE IN THIS hit IS A an excellent DEFENSE, so wait until Sephiroth is breakable to attack.Let that attack, climate dodge and attack him, never ever the other way around. Psychic this due to the fact that this is vital to the entire battle. Another vital to mental is come do only a solitary combo strike on him and also then wait for him to attack again. Never try and string an ext than one combo with each other as he will certainly teleport out of the latter combo and also you'll be open to attack. One last notable thing, you must be on the ground to block the Dash & cut attack. Also if you to be in mid-air and also have just landed a mere second before he launches the attack, friend most most likely will quiet get recorded in the attack.Sephiroth will certainly randomly execute the Dash & cut attack as well as Omnislash in this phase, together with the most annoying Teleport then Uppercut attack. If you have actually Reflect guard equipped, you can block Omnislash and his Uppercut assault by pushing Square. If not, simply use Air on slide to avoid the attack.When he provides Omnislash, either block that or on slide away and attack him when he is vulnerable.If Sephiroth teleports behind you, and also you room quick sufficient you may be able to block his uppercut. If you don't have actually Reflect safety equipped, dash away. However take keep in mind here as well that the may select to teleport much more than when to do a second or third uppercut. Either way, that will proceed with Omnislash climate so don't assault until that is done v this. In the most likely also that the Uppercut connects v Sora, you will certainly be shooting up into the air whereby he will carry out a mid-air Omnislash combo. If this happens, wait about a full second while in mid-air and then press Square to perform the Revenge Slash: You'll break out of your climb upward and, if timed right, you'll have actually landed a fight on Sephiroth as soon as the teleports come the wait landing him open for an aerial combo. Even if you miss out on him you'll still be in a far better position to prevent his combo. Just keep hitting Square until you floor a hit and then combo.Continue on with this strategy until you have actually depleted5 the his life bars, i m sorry will begin his 2nd attack phase.2nd Phase---------All that the above attacks stay in this phase with a few additions or tweaks. Omnislash now has a much greater range of attack & will certainly requiere 2 air Slides to dodge it (if you deserve to actually gain away from it), or simply block with Reflect Guard. Sephiroth will create black orbs that type around Sora and also pull towards his position. You have the right to simply disregard them and also dodge v them as soon as few, but when there space a most orbs, knock lock away and also even bat them back at Sephiroth to perform some minor damage. Don't obtain too caught up with the orbs, however, since Sephiroth makes his means over to you and also will perform Omnislash at his earliest convenience so just worry about the orbs that are in your method to escape, then slide the end of the method of danger.Sephiroth will additionally perform Descend Heartless point of view (DHA) in which he will mutter a few words when teleporting away from Sora in order to rise right into the air for this nasty attack: It bring you down to 1 HP and 0 MP.Here, you have actually two options. First option is to shot and hit him. This is where you'll need High jump Level 2 because he is as well high the end of regular High jump attacking range and you won't with him. High jump Level 2 allows you to obtain to his position, v my ide of having Air dodge equipped, fight X and you'll gain some extra needed elevation to assault him. As soon as you soil a hit that will stop the sequense that DHA and he will forfeit his attack.Your other alternative is what to carry out if he attack before you deserve to reach him. If you understand you'll be out of variety then DON'T even GO because that IT. Reason is because he will connect and also drain your HP to 1, then v you at close proximity he will certainly perform shaft of Fire, which currently draws Sora in towards him do it much harder come dodge, in which case you die. (Note: either operation or slide far from column of Fire, don't jump. If you run you'll be suck in faster in air and also will obtain hit with thefire)When you know you can't reach Sephiroth over time to stop DHA, organize your position and also heal through an Elixir or hi Potion when the assault is over (if friend are good enough you deserve to actually use Curaga in ~ the specific moment prior to DHA connects and you will fully heal HP, yet still lose MP). Be prepared that due to the fact that you space at a distance currently he is going to go directly into his Dash & reduced attack.You'll notification this ideal away because the display will revolve it's usual darker shade. Heal, block the Dash and also then assault when he is open.Continue all of this yet be advised he may use column of Fire at random. Once carried down come 5 health and wellness bars remaining he will start his final attack phase.3rd Phase---------Sephiroth will stop dead and produce a pnk aura thatglows about the upper portion of his outfit. This denoteshis last phase. He becomes also faster and also will sometimeseven glide across the ground to strike Sora. His Omnislashwill currently go the size of the fight field and he willconjure dozens of black color orbs to hityou.He will certainly no longer use shaft of Fire, but Dash & Cut and DHA still stay with the enhancement of Meteor. Tho usethe previous tactics for the various other attack: Block Dash & Cut, then attack; hit Sephiroth to protect against DHA; andtry to somehow prevent Omnislash (Air slide is uselessas he will connect constantly due to it's huge range).Once the summons Meteor, slide the end of the way to stop theattack as best you can, making your means over to Sephiroth.He is in reality out that attacking selection but remain as near aspossible to obtain in an assault once the lands. **What ns didwas prevent Meteor, job-related my means over come Sephiroth whiletarget locked ~ above him, jump together if to assault when near andget fight by Meteor. Sound dumb, but once you room hit onceand you are close to Sephiroth, hit Square to Revenge Slashand Sora willremain over most of the Meteors only tohit Square again once hit (sustaining minor damage) untilthe strike is over and Sephiroth is vulnerable.To be rather honest and also accurate, the only times once Sephiroth is really vulnerable to strike in this phaseis after ~ Meteor and Dash & Cut. You'll simply haveto be patient and also have part luck as to find an opening.Quite difficult, but many failure attempts have to yieldyou a good eye because that his attack and also a win!After the Battle----------------Once the fight is won, go ago to the start of Radiant Garden to speak through Cloud.

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He will then collection offto uncover Sephiroth, therefore head back to the Dark Depths. Hereyou will certainly watch the "Showdown that Fate 2" FMV and also will berewarded with the Fenrir keychain afterward.Fenrir has attack +7, Magic assault +1 and also auto-abilityof Combo Minus (decreasing your overall combo access time byone).Well done! Congratulate yourself for beating among thehardest bosses I'd speak I've ever faced.