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By Audrey Drake
Nintendo has actually revealed brand-new details for upcoming DS crossover Pokemon conquest (check the end our early on impressions of the game here and also here). The strategy RPG, which mashes increase the world of Pokemon v Tecmo Koei series Nobunaga’s Ambition, will certainly be divided into different episodes for players to conquer. Every episode will certainly feature various goals and gameplay facets (such together the one certification Warlord Motonari, which work players with collecting 100 Pokemon). Football player can access additional episodes after beating the very first one, and even an ext will be available for download following the game’s June 18 launch.

We currently know Pokemon Conquest allows players to kind links with encountered Pokemon. The possible grades because that a monster you’re trying to attach with are Bronze, Silver and also Gold - pull off creating a connect with a yellow medal Pokemon and it could potentially end up being a Perfect Link. A perfect connect equates come a 100% complement - i m sorry is pretty good considering the greater the percent is, the much more powerful the Pokemon becomes.PokeManiacs will additionally be happy to find out that advancement is supported in Conquest. All you have to do is battle your monster (no surprise there) to rise the connect percentage in between them and also the warrior they’re connected with. Together in the main point games, part Pokemon deserve to only evolve v items gathered during the game (in other words, you’ll still need a Thunder rock to evolve Eevee right into Jolteon). Warlords re-publishing a comparable ability to grow, though because that them it’s called “transitioning.”
Finally, it was also revealed that players will be able to enter one-of-a-kind passwords to create outbreaks of particular Pokemon. The outbreak lasts for one game turn and occurs in a cultivate ground what in the player’s kingdom. This passwords, which will be exit sometime adhering to the game’s launch, will offer players the capability to kind links through rare and/or powerful monsters come bolster their army.For an ext on Pokemon Conquest, including our complete review, store it here on in the coming weeks.

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Audrey Drake is an associate Editor in ~ and a proud member the the Nintendo team. She is additionally a lifelong gamer, a frequent banisher the evil and a wielder of assorted legendary blades. You deserve to follow her zany exploits on her blog and also Twitter. Game on!