Eating out, licking out, cunnilingus, oral sex: whatever you like to speak to it, eat pussy f*cking rocks. In fact, oral sex is widely known as the many reliable way to offer a person with a vulva the huge O. Research studies consistently show that the vast bulk of vulva-owners need clitoral stimulation in order to have actually an orgasm, and also oral sex put the clit front and center. This is simply science, friends.

The issue? for this reason many civilization don’t understand what the heck they space doing down there. Offered the state the sex-ed in America, we"re assuming friend didn"t hear words "clitoris" in school. Then there"s the truth that the clit regularly gets ignored in mainstream penetration-focused pornography. Therefore if you"re not quite sure exactly how to eat pussy, it"s not totally your fault. How might you perhaps know how to carry out something you’ve never seen done properly before?

Luckily, there space plenty of methods to improve your dental sex technique. From combine toys, to trying various positions, to utilizing your tongue in unique ways, we have all the expert-approved info you should up your game. These are the finest oral sex tips for the next time you"re going down on her partner.

Don’t go directly for the clit.

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Instead of diving head-first into someone’s pussy prefer an Olympic swimmer, opt for a seductive warmth up. Start with neck kisses, move down to their belly, inner thighs, and all about the vulva. Run your tongue roughly their nipples. You can even carry in a feather tickler to run all over their body and up and also down the labia. We love this an easy one native LoveHoney.

The anticipation have the right to really assist bring friend both right into your bodies and also feel base in this experience you’re sharing together. No matter just how casual a pussy eating encounter is, the deserves reverence and respect.

Keep it irradiate to start.

Lighter is much better when friend start giving oral. The clitoral glans room hella sensitive, therefore be mindful of going as well hard. Clitorises and also vulvas usually need different degrees of firmness when it pertains to touching and licking.

If you’re someone that masturbates with a firm tight on their penis, execute not employ this same method when giving oral sex. Great oral sex shouldn’t look favor a hungry pupper eating their bowl of kibble, ya hear? You desire to tenderness tease their clit easy so it feels choose they’ve stepped off a magical cloud into a warm Icelandic spring.

“Go in as well hard and also fast, and you may feel she flinch or yelp, so go easy! once you start lighter, friend can develop up the press as she arousal builds, however if in doubt, constantly go lighter first,” Lucy Rowett, a certified sex coach and also clinical sexologist.

Use your level tongue and head for added pressure.

Kenneth Play, an worldwide educator and also creator of the Sex Hacker pro Series, a 70+ video series for helping human being become better lovers, says “using the level of your tongue first, and an ext your head instead of her tongue. This create a bigger surface space, i beg your pardon feels much better initially to most people.” The an essential is to heat up the whole vulva area before going because that the glans clitoris.


Stay down there as long as that takes.

One that the key things that stops women and vulva-owners from having actually orgasms throughout oral is the fear that they’re “taking too long” or gift “selfish.” This means they’re walking to require a lot of encouragement from you.

“Let know that you"ll it is in there because that as long as that takes, that this is just about pleasure, and also there is no press to come,” Rowett says. “That in itself can be enough to assist a woman climax, paradoxically, together one point that many women find a large mood killer is push from her partner to come.”

Ask your companion what castle want.

Showing attention in what bring your partner pleasure is a large turn-on. Every person"s body is different, and people gain being created in a selection of ways. Questioning your companion what they want you to carry out to them. If they’re no sure, shot touching lock in various ways and also encourage them come tell you what feeling good.

It certainly makes for some sparkling dirty talk. The point is, you’re no a mind-reader. Ask and also then do exactly what they says. Following instructions reflects you’re proactively listening.


Use your fingers and get part toys.

Mouths space amazing, but they don’t must be the just tool in your kit. Vibrators are a method to increase the ante top top the whole experience. Shot running your tongue roughly the clitoris while you insert the toy into the vagina, if your partner enjoys penetration. Girlfriend can additionally use a vibrator to stimulate the anal opening and perineum when you usage your tongue top top the clitoris.

If you’ve never used a vibrator on who before, ask castle to display you just how they choose to usage it ~ above themselves. This is favor a masterclass in how they like to come.

Use just the tip.

If your companion likes much more targeted, pinpointed pleasure, Play says getting the tip of the tongue in your oral game. “The tip of the tongue can apply an ext targeted pressure and also movement, particularly once a vulva-owner gets more aroused,” that says. “Remember come pay fist to the tactile sensations of your tongue come make certain you’re in reality licking the clit and not just anywhere the place. This is a an ext common difficulty than you’d realize.”

Honestly, mindfulness throughout oral sex is most likely the ideal tip you could ever receive. Pay attention to where your tongue actually is on your partner’s body. And also if you’re not sure if it’s working? ASK. Here are some instances of how to solicit dental sex feedback:

"Do friend like once I touch you here?”“Do you like as soon as I execute X v my tongue?”“Would it be OK to put my fingers inside you?”“Are you having actually a good time?”

Suck to finish.

Have friend heard the the Womanizer or Satisfyer? this clitoral suction toys use a combination of suction and also air to circle the clitoris and simulate oral sex. They space wildly popular—which is why it could be a great idea come mimic the sensation through your own mouth.



To usage your mouth, “wrap your lips around the clit and also suck ~ above it, to type a great vacuum seal, and then lick the clit in ~ the same time while friend suck,” pat says. “This takes some exercise to have the ability to pull turn off for a constant amount the time, but is worth it. It’s a an excellent finishing move!”

And if you desire to lug in a suck sex toy when you use your hands or tongue because that a little penetration, an ext power to you.

Listen to their physical and also verbal responses.

Pay attention to both verbal and also physical cues. The things we do, fairly than say, can be helpful guides to what who is liking (or no liking). If your partner is pushing your vulva into your face and moaning, you deserve to be pretty certain what you’re law is working. If they’re pulling far or room lying there, dead silent, try something else. And once again, over there is nothing unsexy around asking who if what you’re doing feels good.

Enjoy yourself!

Cunnilingus is about your partner’s pleasure first, however that doesn’t average you can’t gain yourself. Over there is nothing hotter than someone who absolutely loves eat pussy. “In the same means that it"s so lot hotter as soon as you can tell the your companion actually enjoys providing a blowjob,” Rowett clues out, “when you display that you enjoy it and it is genuine, the technique doesn"t issue as much.

We request real people for advice on just how to eat pussy.

To provide you even more real-ass tips, I decided to ask a bunch of my internet friends who love nothing much more than answering all of my extreme questions about eating boxes. Store in mind the all clit-owners enjoy various things, for this reason be certain to connect with your partner to ensure the they’re having the finest experience possible.

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Without further ado, below are a few juicy morsels that advice top top grade-A pussy-eating.

“Do what I call The Zipper technique: Lick native the slot of the vaginal opening up to the clit and then every the means back down. Choose you’re zipping increase a zipper.” —Jane, 30“I was as soon as with a man who, no joke, gnawed on mine clit. Like as if he were a human-cheese grater. Never ever before do this!” —Gabby, 31“Don’t forget the vagina! while doing one on mine clit, i love inserting a G-spot wand, too. Then tilt it up to hit the G-spot.” —Shae, 30“While utilizing a vibrator ~ above the clit, put your forefinger into my anus and the thumb into the vagina. If anal penetration is not your thing, you can just rub roughly it. The feels f*cking incredible.” —Grace, 26“When someone is licking my clit the way I like, I generally grab their head and grind mine hips right into their face for even much more pressure. Ns guess that’s not a reminder so lot as a sign that I’m really liking what you’re doing down there.” —Brit, 27“I’ve never liked warming lubes, however popping an ice cream cube right into the vagina before licking the clit is BONKERS.” —Nicki, 37“Stay consistent. I constantly have civilization licking my clit, or labia or whatever and they keep moving around. This doesn’t give me sufficient time to enjoy anything. If miscellaneous is working, keep doing it.” —Rosie, 23