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As a media player and also organizer, Microsoft supplies Windows Media Player (WMP). Just how you sync her media v your smartphone, MP3 player, or a storage an equipment such as a USB speed drive using this application depends on your computer.

Depending on her device"s capabilities,music, videos, photos, and also other media record formats deserve to be moved from the media library on your computer and also enjoyed when on the move.

affix Your Portable device

By default, home windows Media Player selectsthe finest synchronizationmethod for your maker when you connect it to her computer. There are two possible ways it can choose depending on your device"s storage capacity:

Automatic Mode: If a machine you attach to has actually 4 GB or much more of storage, and also the entire materials of your WMP library will fit ~ above it, climate this setting is used.Manual Mode: WMP selects this mode when a maker you plug in has actually less than 4 GB of warehouse space.

To affix your portable machine so that windows Media Player establish it, finish the adhering to steps.


Make certain your machine is powered up for this reason Windows can detect it, typically as a plug-and-play device. Connect the deviceto the computer system using the detailed cable.

Sync utilizing Automatic mode

If home windows Media Player offers the automatic mode, pick Finish to transfer your media automatically. This mode additionally makes sure that the components of your library carry out not exceed the storage capacity of your portable device.

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You don"t have to transfer whatever to your maker in automatically mode. Instead, girlfriend can pick which playlists you desire to move each time your device is connected. Girlfriend can additionally create brand-new auto playlists and add them, too.