Certain keyboard shortcuts enhance the user endure on Roblox, ensuring friend spend an ext time play the game. Knowing just how to conveniently copy and also paste is a should for all Roblox players.

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How to Copy and also Paste top top Roblox

To copy and paste on Roblox, you need to discover two key-board shortcuts. To copy text, push ctrl + c on her keyboard. To paste text, press ctrl + v on your keyboard.

For mobile devices, copying and also pasting works different. Come copy message on an iOS/Android device, press her finger on the text and also hold it for a pair of seconds. This will highlight the text and also ask if you desire to copy it. Traction the highlighter to copy an ext than one word. Pasting text works the same, except you have to press and also hold your finger on a message box where you are typing a message.

Where come Copy and Paste top top Roblox

It might not seem obvious, yet copying and also pasting has plenty of uses on Roblox. Examine out the most helpful instances below.

Redeeming Codes

Codes space a huge part of Roblox that football player shouldn"t miss out on. Tons of creators add Roblox Game Codes, giving players totally free rewards choose pets, strength boosts, characters, and weapon skins. Roblox also creates mystery Promo Codes the reward players with free Avatar items.


Typing every code deserve to be a drag, especially when challenged with a long list of free rewards. You also run the threat of accidentally mistyping a code and also thinking it expired. To stop this native happening, copying and also pasting codes into Roblox is much much more efficient.


Some Roblox games allow players to hear to your favorite artists like ideal Billie Eilish or their favorite tiktok songs v the Radio/Boombox feature. In this situation, you should input a Music i would code into the Radio. Music id codes room ten-digit numbers and it"s basic to mistype a number if you aren"t payment attention. So, it"s ideal to copy and paste the Music identifier code into the message box.

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Messaging Friends

Whether you"re message a friend through direct message or in ~ a game itself, typing in a long URL will take a long time. We indicate making usage of the copy and paste keyboard role when sending out a friend a URL for whatever it is you great to show them.

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