I wasn’t going to write-up this article, however I thought it might be valuable for some world to check out on HOW come CLEAN A CURLING IRON.

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Sooo…I have to admit the I never cleaned mine curling iron. Oops! have actually you ever cleaned her curling iron? I more than likely should not have to tell you the painful truth lol, however I simply did. Don’t judge! Thanks!

If you scroll a little bit down and you check out that nasty brown stuff gathered on my curling steel you can judge me simply a little!:-)

Oh wow! i think I never ever realized exactly how dirty my curling steel was till I started smelling that disgusting burned smell on my hair. I was wondering what that smell was. Ns switched to a brand-new shampoo and conditioner ( which is wonderful by the way), and I assumed it’s my new shampoo and the hot iron that renders that smell but soon I had actually to realize that my curling iron was the issue! The built-up gunk on mine curling steel to it is in specific! that brown, yucky stuff that you watch on my Hot devices Curling iron is every there from hairspray and hair styling products from mine hair! I virtually convinced myself to acquire a brand-new curling iron, but I love both of mine irons so much that thought it would certainly worth to give it a shoot and shot to clean it first. So i did!

In instance you are in search of a wonderful curling iron here are the 2 I use:

Hot Tools skilled Ceramic Titanium expert Curling Iron, 1-1/2″

Hot Shot devices Pink Titanium Curling Iron

And today I am sharing how I walk from a nasty, dirty warm iron come a hot iron that looks Brand new NOW! are you excited?



Things girlfriend will must CLEAN A CURLING IRON



These things you probably have actually in your pantry already, so that’s great! and to tell you the truth, there is no a substantial science come clean your warm iron and also it’s worth the 10 minutes of cleaning to conserve your $50 on gaining a new one!

I tried to obstacle the iron with rubbing alcohol very first and then peak it with baking soda, but what worked for me the ideal was come dip mine toothbrush right into rubbing alcohol climate dip the brush right into the baking soda and brush the iron v the toothbrush.

So permit me repeat:

Dip the toothbrush into rubbing alcoholthen dive the toothbrush into the baking soda and brush your iron with it.

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You will be surprised how rapid it’s going to work!

Once you have your iron thoroughly cleaned just wipe the baking soda paste off v a wet rag.

And then you can enjoy her iron because that a lengthy time again! then repeat the clean as often you require it! I will certainly sure execute that frequently now and also I won’t let my iron to look so poor again! will certainly you?


Let me know if you try this cleaning method and if it functions for you!

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