I know exactly how addictive is the video game Temple Run, I supplied to play that till late night to beat my friend’s score. Together with this temple Run 2, I used to pat Subway Surfers on computer as well. Yet playing temple Run ~ above Windows and also Android tools is one awesome endure ever. Every player of holy place Run dream to collect much more coins and gems to usage them later on for unlocking surprise features. Cool down currently there is a temple Run cheat to get countless coins and also gems for cost-free in no time without any type of effort. Currently, this holy place Run cheat is functioning perfectly on holy place Run 2.

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Before walk deep into the tutorial permit me say a couple of things around this game. Temple Run is an endless running game occurred by Imangi Studios. This holy place run is programmed through a team the the couple. Yeah! A wife and also husband programmers arisen this games first for IOS devices. In august 2011, holy place Run is included to apologize store and also by the finish of December 2011, that is provided in top 50 renowned apps in apologize store and awarded as a best totally free application. Later on in march 2012, they arisen it for Android tools as well. Deserve to you believe this? temple Run is download a million times in simply 3 days by android fans. Slowly and later holy place Run is released for home windows 8 mobiles together well.


The principle of temple Run is really cool, One that stolen one idol native a holy place is chased through monkeys. So you’re the thief and you’re gift chased through the monkeys and you’re act an limitless run.

Temple operation Cheat

Here is a an easy trick for temple Run 2 come get limitless coins and gems for free of cost. Prior to proceeding come the cheat, make sure you have downloaded and installed a third party application named filed traveler on your device. If no installed, you have the right to download paper Explorer application from Google Play save for free. As soon as installed, continue further.

Get limitless Coins and also Gems in temple Run 2

Doing this is an extremely simple, all you need to do is replacing one of the records in the application by the text record given by us. The is really simple; simply a copy paste.

Cross check you have installed temple Run 2 and file Explorer on your device.Copy and also replace the gamedata.txt paper downloaded earlier to

using record explorer application

That’s it! You have actually done, simply restart her mobile to take place all changes and also enjoy play this addictive game with limitless coins and also gems.


Kindly keep in mind that this Cheat will only work-related for Temple operation 2 and won’t work on older versions.

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Consider sharing this temple Run cheat amongst your friends and also aid them to get endless coins and gems. Keep paying and also have fun.