iPods and also iPhones are not just one more gadget. They"re so universal that also calling castle a "phenomenon" is inadequate. At least for now, iPods room a fact of life. They room simply just how we listen to music in the 21st century (sorry, Zune).

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Since that"s the case, perhaps it"s time we protect against powering them with chargers we plug right into the wall?outlets are so 20th century, after all. And also with so plenty of options accessible to power our "pods v innovative, clean energy, who desires to be grounding in the past?

These are the 7 ideal ways to power your iPod without plugging it into the wall. They all make for an excellent ways to eco-friendly your iPod.

Ecofriend reports the you can discover a faux golf society that will certainly charge and store energy every time girlfriend swing it, which you can then usage to power your iPod. Totter a ~ do so golf club. Ecofriend reports that you can discover a faux golf club that will charge and store energy every time friend swing it, which you can then usage to power your iPod.

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This one can seem ridiculous, if that wasn"t preceded by a fake golf club and also a yo-yo charger...but the is without doubt true

If you"re act hand workouts to fight carpel tunnel syndrome, or you"d similar to to occupational up to a firmer handshake, kill two birds v one rock with this strange hand practice iPod charger.

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Brian Merchant"7 ideal Ways to fee Your iPod without an Outlet"6 December 2011.rebab.net.com. 29 November 2021

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