Sometimes when you space playing The Sims 4 you’ll discover that your sims characteristics no much longer make feeling for her storytelling and gameplay. Thankfully, there room two means to readjust a sim’s traits in the game so you can have a various experience.

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Re-Traiting potion

The very first way to adjust your sim’s traits is to use a re-traiting potion that have the right to be purchased from the satisfaction points reward store.

This potion was added in a patch in June the 2018 and permits you to fully change her sim’s personality.

You’ll need to have 5,000 satisfaction points to purchase this medicine which is rather a few but it have the right to be precious it.

Once purchased the potion will certainly be in her sim’s inventory. Girlfriend can click the item in your inventory and a pop-up will appear and will prompt you come change personality traits and you can choose all 3 traits brand new.

Full edit Mode Cheat

If friend don’t feel choose waiting for your sim to have actually 5,000 satisfaction points you can additionally cheat to change your sim’s traits. To do this, you’ll have to use the cas full modify mode cheat.

This cheat allows you to change everything around a sim, including their aspiration, traits, and also their entire appearance.

To use this you very first need to allow cheats by opening up the cheat dialogue crate by hitting ctrl + transition + c on your keyboard and typing in testingcheats true and also hitting go into to allow cheats.

Then, you’ll require to kind in the cheat cas.fulleditmode in the cheats console. You deserve to then hold down change and click on every little thing sim you desire to readjust the traits of and choose edit in CAS.

Create a sim will certainly then open and also you’ll have actually full control to change everything around your sim.

Final think

There is no dead in changing some traits once in a while, sims are just annoying as soon as they space stagnant and also boring throughout life. Go out there and change everything in The Sims 4, happy playing!




everytime i go into “testingcheats true” it claims “unable come execute command” and also i placed it in there is no the quotes


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