You maybe wondering why must I change my user interface language to English? The straightforward answer come your question is that plenty of add-ons were originally written in the English variation of Photoshop.

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These add-ons will throw up error message or simply won"t run if you install them ~ above a variation of Photoshop which is no in English. 

How execute I change My Photoshop interface Language?

To readjust the user interface language you need to go into the an imaginative Cloud desktop app and also then navigate to File>Preferences>Apps.

There you will check out an alternative to adjust the interface language.


You need to set you Default download language to "English (North America)"

Once you done, you deserve to close this home window and you must see an download option beside Photoshop in the an innovative Cloud app. Again, restart the an innovative Cloud application if friend don’t see this. Click install to download and install the new language pack.

Next, start the Photoshop app, which will still it is in in the default language. Walk to Edit, then Preferences, and also then click on Interface. Now, readjust the UI Language come English.


Hit OK, and also that’s it! You’ve adjusted your Photoshop language. 

You can always readjust the Photoshop interface language ago to your native language native the user interface settings menu.

I Don"t have A an imaginative Cloud Membership. Exactly how Do I change My interface Language?

The above method only functions if you have actually an active an innovative Cloud membership.

If you space using an older version of Photoshop like CS6 (the last version which you could buy because that a one-time fee), friend will need to tweak the surname of among the files using file Explorer on windows or Finder on Mac.

To do this, close Photoshop and go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Locales. If you’ve installed the application in another path, locate and navigate there.

Find the set up language subdirectory (it_IT format) and select support Files. Find the tw10428.dat record and rename it to tw10428.dat.bak.

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This should adjust the Photoshop interface language to English.

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