Sun Tan City may simply be the fastest-growing demorphs salon company in the USA.

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Their services involve at home tanning, and also they have actually multiple lines of tanning assets as well. Sun Tan City salons space currently obtainable in much more than 250 places throughout the U.S.

All the glitters isn’t gold, though, and if sunlight Tan City has actually failed to meet your expectations, us can aid you traction the shades ~ above them.

How come Cancel sun Tan City by Yourself

You can cancel your sun Tan City membership any type of time, but because of sun Tan City’s policies about keeping her account safe, the only means to release is in person.

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Here’s just how you can cancel:

Visit the salon and also talk to the tan consultantTell them to cancel her membership

How to Cancel sun Tan City through


If you need your subscription canceled quickly and easily, your finest option is to usage through, the procedure is as straightforward as A, B, C — every you should do is insanity a few buttons on her smartphone, and also we’ll unsubscribe girlfriend from sunlight Tan city automatically. can spare friend the trouble of going come the salon personally.

Open in your web browser and take the adhering to steps:

Sign in to her accountClick top top Find covert MoneyType in Sun Tan City as the organization you desire to cancel will certainly take 48 hrs at most to cancel her membership, and also we will notify you via email as quickly as the cancellation is done. have the right to also aid you publication Palm beach Tan, at The beach Tanning, and also a range of other bronzy subscriptions.

Can friend Cancel With










Can girlfriend Freeze your Membership With sunlight Tan City?

You deserve to freeze her membership with sun Tan City after her monthly agreement has to be met. You’ll must talk to a tanning consultant and inform castle you’d favor to pause your membership. While your account is frozen, sunlight Tan City will take an automatically one-off freeze payment from her account.

When you decision to unfreeze, you’ll have to talk come the tan consultant again, and you’ll salary the prorated amount for the remainder of the month. In ~ the very same time, the payments that were automatically charged, if any, will certainly be credited earlier to your sun Tan City account.

If you need help requesting a refund, can display you just how to write a refund request and tell girlfriend what your customer rights because that refunds are.

How Will sun Tan City’s Charges look at on my Statement?

This is just how the sunlight Tan City’s charges might look on your credit transaction card statement:

SUN TAN CITY/ SHINESUN TAN CITY/ bright 270-506-1440 KY
SUN TAN CITY/ bright 270-765-7400 KY

Has sunlight Tan City Violated her Customer Rights? take it Them come Court with!

* is the an initial robot lawyer that doesn’t expense an arm and a leg and also still gives valuable and quality administrative assistance. If she thinking around suing the agency but hate going through tedious and also time-consuming processes, then is the perfect fit for you. gift the proud winners the the ABA Brown Award because that Legal Access, we deserve to assist you in suing any firm in tiny claims court. We will certainly collect the info you provide about your case, draft the essential paperwork, and also create a script for you to usage in court. helps You store Track of All her Subscriptions


An typical American spends roughly $240 a month top top subscription services. Approximately 84% that Americans don’t know just how much money lock spending top top subscriptions, no one which solutions they’re subscribed to.

If you think you might be one of them, let us tell you about one the the countless excellent solutions boasts. Us can:

Track your spendingMonitor every one of your membershipsPoint the end the subscriptions you’re no using

To use our services, every you must do is connect your email and bank account through, and help is top top the way.

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Having Your personal Virtual Assistant Is Bound come Make your Life Easier


Check the end what else can do for you—we have actually a an excellent number of offers and also features to do anyone’s life easier. Open up our application in your web browser and view what services we offer you.