Estimate the time that an oxygen cylinder will certainly support shipment of gas at a certain flow, or estimate the pressure in an oxygen cylinder the willsupport a specific flow because that a specific duration. This calculations applynot only to oxygen however for various other gases.

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Safe Residual Pressure PSI
Input Flow LPM
Input one of the following:


The calculations are based on Boyle"s law that says that pressure and the volume of a provided amount that a limit gas space inversely proportional (P * V = k).


k is the tank constant in PSI-1 liters-1. R is the safe Residual push in PSI, typically 200 PSI. F is the flow in liters per minute. T is the duration in minutes. Ns is the tank gauge pressure in PSI.

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Instructions: choose the tank and also enter the wanted flow. Then, either enter the expression of the trip and also click on the calculation Pressure button to get the tank pressure required, or enter the gauge pressure and also click on the calculation Duration switch to calculate exactly how long that tank will certainly last.

For example, a respiratory tract therapist wants to make sure the patience on heliox (H cylinder) running at 10 LPM will certainly not operation out of gas end the adjust of shift. The gauge reads 600 PSI. Entering this data and hitting calculate Duration returns a duration of 126 minutes.

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