Please no answers the say don"t perform it I recognize it"s stupid and also I"m no going come I just wanna understand the quickest and easiest ways to

If her trying to obtain out the Gym at her school just chill out, write a fake keep in mind saying the your ankle has been hurting. Tell your mommy that u tripped yesterday for this reason u need a note. And also limp around like your hurt.

I have never broke a bone.. However my guesses are.

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-Climb in a really tall tree. NOT as well HIGH. And Jump down landing top top one foot, you can break it though. But don"t rest BOTH. top top I will certainly reseach it lol. Falling the end a tree or a building.

-Doing a earlier flip and landing on her ankle.

-Trip over a ditch or ƈɾąƈƙ in the sidewalk.


I don"t know yet you will most likely regret that haha. It will certainly hurt sooo bad. Good luck with finding the right way to break your innocent ankle.

Ten points? see ya

Just to warn your, it will hurt prefer a mother. Trust me, I"ve damaged an ankle 3 times and also sparined it about four. You will regret this, you"ll it is in in excessive pain for number of months, however if you"re hellbent top top it here you go. The second an approach is quickest, the first one coukd just sprain it yet that would be far better trust me. I"d shot the very first before ns go to technique two, which will shatter her ankle bones (more than one).

1.) discover a table, normal dinner table height, and also put the on a vast open carpeted space. Obtain a bunch the pillows and blankets, and also pack them all roughly the table, so when you jump your feet will land ~ above the carpet and when you autumn in an answer you will certainly land top top pillows.

2.) acquire a pair that high heels, 3-4 inches at least. They need to fit no all that well, a small too big but not so huge they autumn off when you walk. Obtain a tiny piece of wood and nail or glue it to the bottom of one of the heels. The wood should be about an inch tall / thick, and also not quite as vast as the heel. Placed the lumber on the outside edge, not the inside.

3.) acquire on the table, facing where the pillows are. Carry out a couple of practice jumps very first so you know how to jump so her feet struggle ground rather of pillows. Then, placed on the high heels.

4.) Jump through one foot (the one through the timber nailed come it). Let her ankle tighten increase a little so it will certainly snap instead of only stretch a little as it would if your foot muscles to be loose.

Jumping tips:

1.) Land hoe first, not through the sphere of your foot.

2.) bear all weight on the foot you desire to break. As soon as you jump, don"t even let the other foot touch the floor.

3.) Closing your eyes will certainly help.

4.) loss heavily, no lightly. Slam her foot right into the ground so the shatters, no lightly for this reason it simply strains.

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Or the course, the various other rather foolproof method, a small overused, is to usage a hammer. If you perform this be certain to swing it in a high arc and slam the down,use two hands, hit best on the fishing eye bone bump, and secure her foot come a tough surface together you do it. (Secure because you will probably unconsciously try to relocate your foot away from danger). If it"s on concrete, the force from the hammer will certainly smash her ankle bones between the two hard surfaces, therefore you get a more complete rest that means on both political parties of her ankle.

I badly sprained mine ankle about 3 mainly ago. I remained in a hurry going down the stairs, lost my balance and landed ~ above a negative side of my left foot, leading to my left ankle to be stretched going ~ above the inside. The an initial 48 hours were excruciating and also the pain was un-believable. I"ve never had a major ankle injury before.

So I immediately treated it using the RICE method. The complying with day, the bruising and swelling to be so horrible. I uncovered out the I obtained a second degree sprain and immediately panicked after that. I had a football video game on the week and it been looking forward to it because I"ve been training because that rt. I had actually teammates the had comparable injuries and also it took them month to fully recover, several of them stopped playing altogether. So ns kinda had a short-lived depression due to the fact that I can"t imagine myself not being able come run and play sports anymore.

Because i was so no hope to recoup again, ns contacted a many of civilization that I understand who carry out sports and also asked lock if they had similar injuries. One girlfriend of mine, from the boy"s football team in mine university, said me around H.E.M. Ankle Rehab. I gained a copy 4 work after I obtained injured. I instantly read and followed what was instructed and felt advancement on the very first day. I had the ability to walk a bit, however I was in pain.