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Do you currently experience where the analogue clock (the minute and also hour hand) of Casio G-Shock GA-1000 not mirroring same time together the digital time? one of two people is various less 보다 one minute or much more than an hour. This can occur suddenly even though you’re not adjust anything. Or it also can happen after you replace the battery, etc.

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In this tutorial we will show you exactly how to set or calibrate the minute and also hour hand (the analog time) of CASIO GA1000 for this reason it have the right to synchronize v the digital time (shown same specific time). It likewise can work backwardly, in other word friend can also use this tutorial to differentiate in between analogue and also digital time; one of two people you desire to do it earlier or later.

This an approach is only have the right to be use for the initial product only; you can’t use this tutorial for the fake one. So, here’s just how to do it (picture first – explanation later):


How to collection Analogue Time that GSHOCK GA1000

step #1: Press and also HOLD adjust button

Press and hold adjust Button (upper left) because that 4-5 secs Upper right display will show: ADJ > keep pushing until it transforms into “H-Set” Bottom display screen will show blinking “00”

Step #2: Press mode button

after that, press MODE button (bottom left) The digital will present blinking “0:00” The analogue watch (minute and hour hand) will start moving clockwise Don’t presses any type of button till it prevent moving.

Step #3: push LIGHT button

Push LIGHT switch (upper right):

If girlfriend press once > the analog watch will certainly move a tiny bit counterclockwise If you press and hold the switch > the minute and also hour hand will certainly move automatically (you have the right to release the button). The moving counter clockwise > press the button again come stop the movement.

If you desire to do or calibrate the analog clock so that will show same time as the digital time, you should set the minute and hour hand in 12:00 (0:00) clock place (straight up).

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So, if the time difference is big, press and also hold the LIGHT switch until the hand is relocating automatically, then after it near the 12.00 position, press the LIGHT button again to protect against the movement. Then press LIGHT button several times till the hour, minute and also seconds hand perfectly align in 12.00 clock position.

If you miss the 12.00 position, also just a little bit, you need to rotate the hand one full rotation again.

Step #4: press the adjust Button

If it’s done, push the ADJUST button once come close the setup > the analog watch will relocating automatically. That is the means to setup or calibrates the minute and hour hand (the analogue) watch of Casio G-Shock GA1000. That is easy to do, simply follow action by step in this tutorial. Ns Hope you discover this article useful