Convert 72 inches in feet have the right to be taken for granted because everyone knows that 12 inch is one foot, but in some cases it deserve to still come in handy. For example, shopping for shoes is never daunting because shoes sizes are expressed in inches.

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So if there to be something 72 customs in feet we know as the earlier of the hand, it would certainly be inches as the unit of measure.

But what if your favorite shoe keep suddenly stopped using inches and started utilizing your feet through 72 inches in feet, then do you recognize how countless inches room in a foot? Looking in ~ the ruler, the has decided this, but you recognize it is still worth knowing. And also how?

What is an inch?

The customs is a usual unit of length and also is stood for by the abbreviation c. To provide solid context for an inch, this would certainly equal 25.4 millimeters or 2.54 centimeters, follow to math is Fun. As a particle, the is indistinguishable to 1/36 that a yard. Except pages and feet, inch are among the most typical units that length.

1 customs = 25.4 millimeters = 2.54 centimeters

1 inch= 1/36 yard

What space feet?

Conversely, one foot is equal to 12 inches. As detailed earlier, this is also a usual unit of measure up for length. Historically, foot go back to the Middle ages when they were offered in middle ages struggles for army combat uniforms, specifically their boots.

Yards room 3 feet long and are denoted by the abbreviation ft.

1 foot = 12 inches

The difference in between feet and inches

Feet and also inches room units the measure, yet they are different sizes. Inches are much better for measure up the dimension of smaller sized objects and also very tiny spaces.

For example, the length of a stake have the right to be measured in feet, its diameter is regularly expressed in inches, i.e. 10 feet high and also 5 inches in diameter.

The foot is likely the larger unit of the two and has exist in many different places and periods of time. In medieval Europe, this was identified by measure the length of the feet that a number of men randomly selected by the regional community and then provided as an arithmetic average.

So castle are various lengths – usually in between 250 mm and also 335 mm. Occasionally an inch is characterized as 1/12 of a foot and also in others it is 1/16 of a foot. The an initial written meaning to concerned us originates from England in 1324 and also defines “three seed of barley, dry and round, placed end to end in length”.

How many inches are in one foot

This is very basic information that even kids know. Making use of a foot ruler that tells you the measurements of the feet top top one side and also inches ~ above the other, 12 inches will form the feet.

1 feet = 12 inches

How to convert from feet to inches

In the ahead section, we included a conversion value that will overview you through the whole procedure of converting feet come inches. Unlike various other units the measurement, the conversion worth in feet per customs is standardization worldwide.

In the case, every you should do is multiply the offered foot worth by 12. This is the default worth for convert inches.

How countless feet is 72 inches is same to 6 feet.

These room the procedures you must follow to do the calculations essential to convert 72 inches to feet. To transform from 72 in in feet come , we have to divide the variety of inches through 12.

Then the 2nd step is to change the variety of inches with 72 in feet and calculate the division. As soon as you have actually done this, the yield because that 72 inches per foot is 6

Goal: transform 72 inches come feet / 72in to feet.


in ÷ 12 = feet


what is 72 customs in feet ÷ 12 = 6 feet

Result: what is 72 customs in feet

72 inches is same to 6 feet.

How high is 72 customs in meters: 1.8288 mt

How high is 72 customs in feet: 6 foot

How to transform from inches come feet

How lengthy is 72 inches in feetHow plenty of feet is 72″How large is 72 inches72 in is how many feet

Convert feet to inches

If the conversion process is grim or if you need a visual result for some reason, the complying with table can help you transform your feet come inches.


Yes, us understand. 72 inches to feet or 72 in to ft Feet to inches is easy, but there are times when this simple conversion deserve to be of an excellent help. When the ruler an approach is the standard means to transform feet come inches, it’s also a good idea to transform feet come inches instantly.

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The preeminence behind this is very simple: simply multiply the offered value native ft to 12 to acquire the desired custom-mades value. So the following time you run right into a dilemma about converting feet to inches, the magic number is 12.