The late previous Beatle man Lennon might be gone however he’s hardly forgotten. Still thought about by numerous to be among the greatest influences in modern popular music, ~ above his birthday today we pause to reflect ~ above his legacy and also on the years he’s to be missed.

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The late previous Beatle man Lennon | Michael Putland/Getty Images

Lennon would have actually turned 81 today

When man Lennon was murdered in new York City in 1980 at period 40, he had actually just exit a brand-new album, Double Fantasy, through his wife Yoko Ono. Your son, Sean, was the happiness of his life. John’s death left so lot potential untapped, so lot left undone.

The new York Times, at The Beatles’ arrival in brand-new York City in 1964, couldn’t help but report top top the marvel the was Lennon’s wit. In ~ the push conference welcoming the band at Kennedy international Airport, a reporter asked, “‘Will you sing for us?’ Mr. Lennon replied, ‘We require money first.’ more ap­plause. ‘How execute you account for her success?’ Mr. Lennon again: ‘We have a push agent."”

His widow Yoko Ono developed the Imagine peace Tower in Lennon’s memory

In commemoration the Lennon’s birth, Ono tweeted, the Imagine peace Tower i beg your pardon she designed and also erected in Iceland in 2007 will be illuminated.

“TODAY Oct 9 we relight
JohnLennon’s date of birth at 8 afternoon Reykjavik, 9 afternoon UK, 4 afternoon NY, 1 pm LA, 5 am Tokyo. Sign up with us because that the live stream at together we watch it irradiate up together and listen to Imagine,” Ono claimed in her tweet.

The Imagine tranquility Tower is illuminated yearly to honor Lennon’s birthday. Ono made decision Iceland together the place for the tribute to Lennon because, according to Iceland’s official tourism site, “Iceland is a magical and beautiful country. The electrical energy source for the country and for the Imagine peace Tower is geothermal – water, rather of oil. No pollution. No war. This is just one that the incredible situations that create the magic of Iceland,” Ono was quoted as saying.

JohnLennon's birthday at 8pm Reykjavik, 9pm UK, 4pm NY, 1pm LA, 5am Tokyo.Join united state for the live stream in ~ together we clock it light up together and listen come Imagine.More info

— Yoko Ono ☁️ (

Lennon’s legacy

Just together Lennon sang in his 1970 fight “Instant Karma,” ‘we all shine on, prefer the moon and the stars and the sun,’ and John Lennon’s legacy has indisputably ongoing shining on.

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It to be announced just before Lennon’s birthday this week that his signature song, “Imagine,” (marking its very own milestone v a 50th anniversary this year), was certified triple-platinum by the Recording market Association of America.

In his 2005 book, John Lennon: In His very own Words, writer Ken Lawrence points out that “Lennon’s heritage lives top top not only in the hearts of fans but in the music industry as well. after his death, he was awarded the Lifetime accomplishment Award at the 34th Grammy Awards, and in 1998, John Lennon Anthology, a four-CD collection of his unpublished song and also performances, to be released. In 1992, Ono told USA Today: ‘John do the efforts to readjust the people with his songs.’ By any measure, the succeeded.”

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