Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and also then Joseph: below are Joseph’s timeline and family tree.

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Joseph’s life – timeline

Joseph lived for 110 years – which seems choose a long time come us, but was significantly shorter than the resides of his ancestors, consisting of his dad Jacob, who died at the period of 147.

Only a small part – simply 11 years – the Joseph’s life was invested in the land of Canaan. Around 93 years were spent in Egypt.


This family members tree concentrates ~ above Joseph and his family. Together a result, Abraham’s brothers and Lot space excluded and also Keturah’s youngsters are not named with the exemption of Midian whose progeny are mentioned in the sale of Joseph right into slavery.

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A young boy v 11 brothers; favourite the his father; chosen of God.

Joseph, Rachel’s son, lived a privileged life in Canaan till his jealous brothers offered him right into slavery in Egypt. There, the favourite son learned hardship and faced undeserved punishment.

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Overcoming one trial after ~ another, that finally encounters the greatest test that all: power over his brothers. Once they bow prior to him – as prophesied so numerous years before – will he take revenge, or show the forgiveness that comes from God?

Beloved son, envied brother, betrayed slave, hopeless prisoner, leader of Egypt, but, above all, maid of God – this is Joseph’s story.