“I don’t recognize if I prefer being the sentimental favorite,” john Elway called reporters before Super bowl XXXII. “There are a many of world who might not get another chance to success a super Bowl, not just me.” by the end of what numerous observers have referred to as the greatest Super key game ever played, countless fans in san Diego’s Qualcomm stadion were chanting “Elway, Elway, Elway.”

In nearly storybook-like fashion, the veteran quarterback directed his team to a 31-24 win over the heavily favored eco-friendly Bay Packers. It to be Denver’s first Super bowl victory. Elway would certainly go on to command his team come a 2nd Super Bowl win a year later, catching game Most an important Player honors in the process.

A first-round draft choice of the Baltimore Colts in 1983, Elway was immediately traded come the Broncos for 2 veteran players and also a 1984 first-round pick. As the Broncos signal caller, Elway practically at once came to be one of the most feared quarterbacks in the league. Native 1983 v 1998, the led his team to 5 victories in six AFC championship games and also two Super bowl wins. Elway’s record 47 fourth quarter game-winning or game-tying drives are legendary. In the 1986 AFC location game, Elway engineered a 98-yard come-from-behind touchdown journey to tie the Cleveland Browns and also send the video game into overtime. The Broncos walk on to success 23-20. Today, the Elway-led fourth-quarter rally is just referred to together “The Drive.”

The versatile Elway is the just player in national Football League history to happen for much more than 3,000 yards and rush for an ext than 200 yards in the very same season 7 consecutive times. That was just the second quarterback in NFL background to record an ext than 40,000 yards passing and 3,000 yards rushing during his career. At the moment of his retirement, he ranked 2nd all-time in three of the game’s most significant passing categories, passing yards (51,475), make the efforts (7,250), and completions (4,123).

Indicative that his versatility, Elway was responsible for 334 touchdowns (300 passing; 33 rushing and also one receiving) generating 4,771 of the 5,806 point out (82.2%) score by the Broncos during his 16-year tenure with the club.

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Selected to play in nine pro Bowl games, Elway was a first- or second-team All-Pro an option three times and also a first- or second-team All-AFC selection five times. In enhancement to his all-league honors, he was named the NFL’s Most an important Player in 1987, AFC offensive Player that the Year in 1993, and also Super bowl XXXIII Most beneficial Player.