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miles "Tails" Prower



very first seen: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)
Species: Fox
Gender: Male
Age: 8<1>
Height: 80cm (2"6")<1>
Weight: 20kg (44lbs)<1>
Likes: Mint candyMedia:Sonic2 MD JP manual.pdf<2>Media:CS M US.png<3>, an equipment maintenanceMedia:CS M US.png<3>, ChristmasMedia:Sonic2 MD JP manual.pdf<2>, chili dog with cheese <4>
Dislikes: ThunderMedia:CS M US.png<3>, Ghosts<5>
Created by: Yasushi Yamaguchi

Miles Prower (マイルス・パウアー), likewise known by his nickname, "Tails" (テイルス), is a two-tailed fox who is a recurring character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games and also related media. Because his advent in 1992"s Sonic the Hedgehog 2, he has become one that the most famous of the Sonic characters, and a staple in the series.


After the success that the initial Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega to be insistent that a sequel it is in made come capitalize on the Sonic name. After ~ some internal drama, parts of Sonic Team travel to work with Sega the America"s Sega technical Institute to develop the numbered follow-up. One aspect they want to present was a new character that would not simply be a companion come Sonic and also fulfill the classic sidekick role, but likewise be playable and also draw attention, and also hopefully new players, come the franchise.

An internal competition was hosted at STI, and while numerous designs were as soon as again it is registered to be considered for the role (including a rocket-powered turtle named Boomer), it to be Yasushi Yamaguchi who would success out v his design. Yasushi had created a two-tailed orange fox whom he affectionately dubbed "Miles Prower," the name intended to be a pun on the phrase "Miles per Hour," a clever homage come the Sonic the Hedgehog character and franchise, which driven the speed elements in advertising and the like. However, the Sonic 2 team wanted to go through a much easier name, "Tails," i m sorry Yasushi was none as well pleased with. Sneaking his initial name ~ above the principle art, that was determined that a damage would it is in reached, v Miles being the character"s genuine name and Tails gift the nickname. V the concept in place, Tails was shortly programmed into the game with its patented system, and also he became component of among the many successful gamings in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. "Tails" deserve to be managed by a 2nd player in Sonic 2 & 3, usually by a younger sibling or offspring.

In video clip games

Origin of Tails


File:Classic tails orthographic.svgJust like Sonic the Hedgehog"s past, naught explicit is pointed out of mile "Tails" Prower"s home and also history. While follow to the game Gear location Tails Adventures the is said he as soon as lived on Cocoa Island prior to he met Sonic, by the time Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is about to take location Tails has taken increase residence top top West side Island. While life there, Tails is the subject of lot teasing due to the fact that of his namesake - the two tails the make that quite various from anyone else. However, everything changes for the young fox as soon as he clues a blue streak top top the island. Intrigued, he starts to follow what he would find to it is in Sonic the Hedgehog. Watching him, he chose that he want to be simply as cool together his now-hero, also if Sonic (at first) payment no fist to his continuous companion.

While eventually Sonic place up through Tails" continuous trailing, and also even admires the fact that he is maybe to catch up come Sonic"s very own speed indigenous time to time, the doesn"t think much of it, and also never sticks approximately all that lengthy for Tails to obtain to know him. One day, while miles Prower is trying out the beach, the comes throughout an neck bi-plane, and also becomes instantly attached to it, and is only more excited as soon as he sees who is napping under that - Sonic. Prior to he deserve to let this sink in, Sonic is awaken by an to explode in the forest - a tower of fire brought about by none various other than Dr. Eggman, that has complied with Sonic in the really hopes he would certainly lead him right to the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic instantly runs after ~ his adversary, and also Tails easily follows.

Over the course of this adventure, their bond grow stronger, v Tails helping the end Sonic once he requirements it. By the moment they reach the fatality Egg, Sonic has actually grown to not only respect Miles, but to consider him a friend, and their partnership in future gamings reflecting one older/younger brother relationship fairly than the tag-along nuisance the Sonic originally thought of him as.



Miles "Tails" Prower is one 8 year old, slightly chubby orange fox whose most recognizable properties is his twin tails. While that was initially teased because that them, he has actually learned come appreciate and also love his tails

Tails is sweet-natured and humble, no one come grab the spotlight for himself, rather ready to aid out his friend and idol Sonic whenever necessary. While that isn"t the bravest, he has become an ext outgoing due to the fact that he has actually met Sonic, coming to be the hero when need be. Regardless, Tails wishes to at some point be self-sufficient, and also not constantly count on others, and also be just as independent together Sonic. However, the feels many at home inside his workshop in the Mystic Ruins, working on his assorted mechanical creations and tinkering v items the might assist them when they next confront Eggman. In fact, the is stated that Tails" mechanical prowess might complement that of Eggman or even surpass it, yet he has actually yet to with his full potential once it pertains to that field. Yet even with all his trials, Tails have the right to still be frightened by the sound that thunder. Tails also has a solid affection because that mint candy.


Tails go share several of Sonic"s famed moves, such together the spin attack and also the rotate dash. He also has the ability to swim, something the Sonic has actually yet come learn. Tails can also swing his tails come fly and also can likewise carry Sonic because that a bit while he"s flying, but until Sonic 4 illustration II to be unable come replicate this aid underwater.

Tails" tails have come in handy as soon as joining Sonic the Hedgehog in defeating Dr. Eggman"s to plan time and time again. Gift able come twirl his tails together, Tails is able come lift off the ground and use them as a helicopter, and fly for brief periods that time. He can additionally use lock while top top the ground, giving him one extra burst of speed to capture up come Sonic if running. Tails can also use lock to attack enemies, may be to break robots in Sonic 3 & Knuckles by flying up into them horizontally, and also uses his tails as a whip in Sonic Adventure to break adversaries on the ground, referred to as the "Tail Rotation Attack."Unlike his peers, Tails can not as quickly transform into a super-powered form, just able to achieve the condition of at sight Tails v the power of the at sight Emeralds. Also then, the still demands help, a team of 4 flickies showing up to share in the power, assisting in attacking enemies that may be about.

Tails has also piloted the cyclone from Sonic Adventure 2, a Tornado plane that can turn itself right into a mech and also rival Eggman"s Eggwalker. Tails has likewise been shown to produce Thunder Shock through his teammates, an energy-produced shock tide that electrocutes opponents. Tails can also use the magic hands from Sonic battle which is a boxing glove that shows up from the ground and also the side, and the energy Ball arm Cannon indigenous Sonic battle which the puts top top his arm to shoot power balls (could probably be influenced by Mega Man). He have the right to even produce dummy ring bombs native Sonic Heroes and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Tails have also piloted the Tornado 2 indigenous Sonic Adventure, an boosted version of the Sonic"s plane the Tornado, It likewise includes and also mode a mode that allows 4 wing to be initiated and also zips v the sky, however two problems, It calls for 1 Chaos Emerald and also there is no landing gear once that 4 wing mode is initiated. With the Jet Anklet native Sonic Adventure, that is maybe to paris faster and with the rhythm badge from Sonic Adventure, that is able come do constant Tailspin attacks.

Mechanical Creations

While no as proliferate together Dr. Eggman,Tails has been known to create an ext than a couple of mechanical items of his own which have actually proven beneficial over the years. The very first of these was made before Tails had ever met Sonic the Hedgehog. The Sea Tail, one underwater vehicle, was developed during Tails" time ~ above Cocoa Island, to be used during his run-in through the battle Kukku army. It likewise had the ability to transform right into a "Mecha Tails" form, which might do reconnaissance job-related in places Tails couldn"t reach.

Perhaps his most recognizable work has been on the Tornado series of bi-planes. While that did not build the original, Tails did perform some modifications to it after it to be damaged in the chase to Eggman"s wing Fortress in Sonic 2. This model served as the inspiration for Tails" own version, the Tornado 2, which was powered by Chaos Emerald energy and also had the ability to transform right into an attack mode. This was complied with up by the Tornado III, additionally known together the Cyclone, which was used in Sonic Adventure 2. Unequal the ahead model, it might be flown and used together a mech there is no the help of a Chaos Emerald.

Tails has likewise made some various other items that note, such together the Jewel Reader, a device used prior to the occasions of Sonic 3 to track down Chaos Emerald energy. The fox also had a similar tool, the mile Electric, to help him and also Sonic get around the broken planet in Sonic Unleashed, not looking for Chaos Emeralds yet to track under the ancient shrines to aid restore their power. The Miles electric is supplied in Sonic Colors to decode what Yacker says. The was additionally able to create a false Chaos Emerald, possessing virtually the same properties as an original, which to be designed to avoid Eggman"s plan in Sonic Adventure 2.

Tails" mechanical field of expertise was once again put to use in Sonic the Fighters, where he built the Lunar Fox to quickly get to the fatality Egg II, the spaceship and also its speed possible by the strength of the Chaos Emeralds. That was also responsible for the existence of Mecha Sonic No. 23, provided as a reconnaissance robot that could transform in between the classic Metal Sonic look and also a rocket. If this was offered to assist Sonic and firm discover the visibility of the death Egg II, that is unknown if Tails constructed the device from scratch or provided a version discarded by Eggman.

In various other media

As is the instance with Sonic the Hedgehog, miles "Tails" Prower"s storyline has been modified come fit in with various other media.

Westernized game Localization

When Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was being localized because that Western markets, they made decision to simplify Tails" origin. Rather of being teased because that his two tails, Tails is rather praised by the pets on the island, and love him because that his namesake. He is likewise obsessed through Sonic for far longer, trying to emulate his hero together he grow up. In one instance, trying to emulate the sonic spin, Tails inadvertently create the rotate dash, echoing the western notion that the animals on southern Island had actually taught Sonic every little thing he knows. Sometime after, Dr. Robotnik strikes when again, and also Tails, in which method escaping the badnik process, decides to monitor Sonic about as that sets turn off to protect against the doctor and his death Egg.

Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)

In the Saturday morning series Sonic the Hedgehog, miles Prower is treated together just another survivor that Dr. Robotnik"s take on of the planet Mobius. While he and also Sonic do have a bond and act as brothers, they do not have actually the exact same sort the friendship they carry out in the games. An ext often 보다 not, Tails is left behind at Knothole town while the rest of the freedom Fighters go to Robotropolis, citing Tails" period as a reason. Being substantially younger than the rest, Sonic and company act an ext protective of their younger friend. While that does eventually become a full member the the team, a relationship between Sonic and also Tails closer to the gamings never got a opportunity to materialize, because of the cancellation that the series.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie)

The comic publication version of mile Prower in the collection Sonic the Hedgehog attempted to uncover a balance between the safeguarded version of Tails from the Saturday morning collection and the much more carefree variation from the syndicated series. When he was still treated as being younger and also warned that the dangers of Robotropolis, Tails would regularly be a component of the assorted raids and also adventures the team would certainly have.

Born to Amadeus and Rosemary Prower, Tails was unable to even know his parents together his bear happened just prior to the take on of Mobotropolis through Dr. Robotnik. Elevated in Knothole, Tails gravitated towards Sonic, and the 2 were able to share a partnership that much more closely resembled the games. The mother number of the young fox took the kind of Princess Sally, whom he would call "Aunt Sally." While these ties would sometimes be strained since of the soap opera-esque tales spun by Ken Penders, castle would always be resolved gradually for the young fox to assist save the day from Robotnik or everything force intimidated the planet.

Tails was ultimately reunited through his parents once it was discovered that they had actually not been lost throughout the coup, but rescued by an alien race well-known as the Bem. Living turn off planet throughout the interim, it to be only throughout the intrusion of the Xorda that Tails to be able to discover his parental were in reality alive and also well.

Unlike his game counterpart, Tails has the capacity to transform into a super-powered type using just the Chaos Emeralds, known as Turbo Tails. Tails likewise has another form, as stated by his duty in "The chosen One" prophecy. Over the entire Cosmic Interstate, Tails is the only one that can call upon all of his assorted versions the himself and transform right into "Titan Tails," who was the only one maybe to defeat Mammoth Mogul as soon as it looked as though the multiverse was doomed. Before he to be able to accomplish this prophecy, Tails was briefly walk away by Mogul, who then produced a doppelganger Tails, who battled alongside the freedom Fighters from issue 94 to issue 114. Even the double was unaware the his falsity until 114, as soon as he fought against Mogul to complimentary the actual Tails.

While Tails is now eleven years old in the series, the hasn"t quit the writing staff indigenous hinting at feasible relationships for the fox. The an initial time this taken place was in the prelude to his Archie miniseries, in which he fell for Fiona Fox, that turned out to be a robot created by Dr. Robotnik. Later on, Tails uncovered that the robot had actually been based on a actual fox, albeit lot older 보다 the robot design suggested. Sonic summary went out with Fiona, causing a riff between the two, however they reconciled once Sonic revealed the did it merely so Tails can get over his crush. Also, while the enjoys spending time with Mina Mongoose in the key series, Mina is displayed to it is in his wife in the possible-future storyline "Mobius: 25 year Later."

Adventures that Sonic the Hedgehog

The DiC-produced syndicated series Adventures the Sonic the Hedgehog shown Tails closer come his game counterpart than the other collection at the time, Sonic the Hedgehog. Having been an orphan with no knowledge of his family, Tails was found by Sonic sooner or later by fallout’s on his head, gift thrown the end of a bird nest. Tails defined to Sonic that he thought he to be a bird, since of his capability to fly, and also Sonic chose to take the young fox v him, and help raise him and be a friend. V the course of the series, it is rarely to watch Sonic and also Tails separated, also though the fox is rather younger than the blue hedgehog, and often gets right into trouble through Robotnik and also his plans.

This version of Tails is additionally quite disdainful the his true name, miles Prower, unknowingly echoing the sentiments that the initial Sonic the Hedgehog 2 manufacturing team that want to adjust his name.

Sonic the Comic

While Tails an initial met Sonic in the Emerald Hill Zone the Sonic the Comic, the two-tailed fox did not actually originate native Mobius in ~ all. Having gone v a space warp to Mobius, the young fox arrived at the various other side in the mistaken belief that the Emerald Hill region was in reality lined with genuine emeralds. While the was fast to discover his folly, he made decision to stay on Mobius as soon as he encountered Sonic the Hedgehog, and also decided to end up being his sidekick. While lock would regularly work together, and also were friends, Tails was often on the end of numerous of Sonic"s jokes, and also was much from the buddy-buddy portrayal the the DiC-produced collection or also their connection in Sonic Adventure.

During the food of the comic"s lifespan, Tails grew beyond just one more fodder character that could be kidnapped and also became a hero in his very own right. This was increased upon in the stories depicting Tails returning to his house zone, the Nameless Zone, where he was celebrated as a hero from the misleading letters he wrote back home. Portraying himself as the main leader that Mobius and not Sonic, the civilization of his zone would certainly ask him to assist them versus numerous opponents that endangered them. When he would later try to correct them, Tails was never ever successful, and had to protect the region time and again in an enchanted fit of armor, sword in hand.

Because of his early days together being kidnapping fodder, Tails would sometimes remark that many human being underestimated his abilities, and could perform far an ext damage 보다 what some believed initially.

Sonic the Hedgehog (anime)

Produced under the supervision that Sonic Team, the OVA Sonic the Hedgehog gift Tails close to his video clip game counterpart. He was a genius as soon as it concerned electronics, and also was a close friend of Sonic. However, their relationship would occasionally boarder ~ above the depiction gift in Sonic the Comic, wherein the hedgehog would get sick of Tails and also his attempts to get Sonic"s attention. Tails also was lacking his ability to swim, i m sorry Eggman tried to exploit yet failed to do so.

Sonic X

Also created under the supervision that Sonic Team, Sonic X when again stuck close to the initial portrayal of Tails. In the series, however, Tails is attracted not to the initial Tornado, however the Tornado 2, i m sorry he quickly makes his own after Sonic and Tails end up being friends. As soon as he is transported come the planet Earth, and also meets up through Sonic once more, Tails i do not care friends through Chuck Thorndyke, a fellow scientist who Tails share his enthusiasm in science. Together they work on the Tornado-X, i beg your pardon takes the location of the Tornado 2 in the Sonic Adventure adaptation.

It must likewise be provided that many of the duties that Tails would have actually otherwise to fill were replaced by kris Thorndyke, Chuck"s grandson, gift the sidekick-in-distress through most of the series.

In the final season that Sonic X, Tails" duty becomes far more significant. That aids and also befriends a Seedrian girl by the name of Cosmo and begins to form a romantic connection with her. Tails additionally builds the Blue Typhoon, a enormous aircraft qualified of traveling with space. In illustration 77, Tails" is required to shoot Cosmo when she is immobilizing Dark Oak and also the Metarex. Tails becomes distraught end the thought and even smashes his head versus the control panel the the Sonic Driver. She ultimately convinces the to do it and save the galaxy. Afterward, Sonic brings earlier Cosmo"s seed and also gives it come Tails. He ultimately plants that in a flower pot in the critical episode.


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