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I recognize that in KH1 Sora and also Kairi room 14, and Riku is 15. Execute we know how much time passed in between each game because then?

In 2 they to be all shown a year older.This appears to just be the case again, it certainly isn"t any kind of longer than a year since 2 at least.

One year in between KH1 and Sora waking up in KH2 therefore 15, 15, and also 16 respectively. Climate a number of months and weeks in between KH2 and also 0.2 therefore probably around another year in ~ this point. They need to be in ~ or close to 16,16,17 dong at this point. It just feels lot longer since we"ve been time hoping a LOT.


Maybe 16 and 17 because that Riku. However they watch much an ext grown up to me 보다 that yet I don"t yes, really care about age much.

DDD didn"t it seems to be ~ to occur long after 2 for this reason they to be still 15 and 16.Right now we space unsure how time has actually passed because DDD and 3 therefore I would certainly say the trio need to be almost 16-17 respectively.
I think Sora and Kairi are still 15 and also Riku is 16. Relies on how much time has actually passed since DDD though.

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In KH2, Sora and also Kairi are 15, if Riku is 16. In DDD, Sora and Kairi are 16, when Riku is 17. Because DDD is pretty lot the start of KH3"s story, i think they"ll most most likely be the same ages as they were in DDD.