How old is Gohan now in Dragon ball Super? Well, numerous Gohan pan don’t recognize the price to the question. However, in this post, we have the answer you are looking for. Simply stick about for a while.

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So, ago in Dragon round Z Gohan was the strongest Saiyan lively after that turned at sight Saiyan 2 defeated and also Perfect Cell. The battle ended in a beam battle with both Gohan and also Cell at the height of their power through Gohan getting the top hand.


For many years Gohan preserved the title of gift the the strongest Saiyan alive after his dad Goku died sacrificing his life to conserve the earth.

However, many more years had actually passed and Gohan’s dad Goku and also Vegeta have surpassed him since he did not keep training. Also, now in Dragon round Super, he appears a little weak, however, he’s trying come redeem himself due to the fact that he’s currently a family members guy.

So today, what we want to discover out is how old is Gohan now in Dragon ball Z and also Super? Nonetheless, if you have actually seen my other post, you would understand that we need to do title digging and also fact-checking to acquire the answer.

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How Old is Gohan?

At the finish of Dragon sphere Super, Gohan to be 27 years old but physically the is 28 years old. This is due to the fact that he when right into the hyperbolic time chamber to train with his dad son ogong to fight Cell and turned a super Saiyan because that the first time. 24 hrs in the hyperbolic time chamber equals 1 year in the Dragon ball timeline.

So Gohan to be born in the dragon Ball period of 757. 4 (4) years later at the Dragon Ball period of 761, Dragon sphere Z started and also Gohan’s surprise powers were uncovered by Goku, Piccolo, and also Raditz.


So after son ogong sacrificed his life and also got eliminated by Piccolo distinct Beam Cannon. Son Gohan starts come train with his new dad Piccolo to acquire stronger because much more Saiyans to be coming.

In the Dragon Ball period 762, the two Saiyans that were coming to planet after Raditz died turns out to it is in Vegeta and Nappa.

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After the whole fight on earth ended with Goku spearing Vegeta’s life, Gohan walk to world Namek and had his surprise potential unlocked

How Old is Gohan

At the time, Gohan was only 5 years old and also he has actually been through a lot. So, time keeps moving by and also in dragon ball, age 767 the Androids come Gohan trains in the hyperbolic time chamber.

Gohan then ended up being a super Saiyan then Super Saiyan 2 and also he defeated Perfect Cell. Currently the crazy point is, approximately this time he was dubbed Teen Gohan, However, that was simply old 10 year old in ~ the time.

Gohan’s age When he combated Perfect Cell

So after Cell to be defeated, seven much more years had passed and in Dragon Ball period 774 Gohan to be 17 years old.

At this time period, Majin Buu arrived, Gohan meets his girlfriend Videl, he then goes to train through the supreme Kai’s, unlocked brand-new powers, and also died at the hand of Buu.

Nonetheless, Gohan was just dead for a day, so the doesn’t really affect his physics age.

Time keeps relocating forward and Gohan seems to take less interest in his maintain and more time spent with his family.

Then, in Dragon Ball period 778, Gohan ties the knot v Videl, Beerus involved earth trying to find the super Saiyan God, and also around this time Gohan is 21 years old.

So the next year in Dragon Ball age 779, Gohan becomes a father once Pan to be born. Also, Frieza to be Resurrected and defeated by Goku.

Then, a year after ~ that, The tournament of strength beings, and now Gohan is 23 years old. Us don’t recognize what happened off-screen after the tournament of power.

However, time keeps relocating on and at the finish of Dragon sphere Super in the age 784 and also Gohan is currently 27 year old.

However, the doesn’t end there, psychic Gohan walk in the hyperbolic time chamber so us would have actually to include up those times as well.

So, Gohan just when into the hyperbolic time chamber once, because he was in there for one day and also since it’s a time room that amounts to one complete year.

How Old is Gohan

Now, included that year come his present age a the end of Dragon ball Super, he would be 27 however, physically the is 28 year old.


So as we can see Gohan is early young in his existing state in Dragon ball Super. Once he dealt with Perfect cabinet a lot of human being called him teen Gohan however, that was simply 10 years old at the time.

Moreover, now we understand that Gohan’s period at the finish of Dragon round Super and he is 27 but physically 28 due to the fact that he spent sooner or later in the hyperbolic time chamber training with his dad Goku.

Just a reminder, 24 hrs spent in the hyperbolic time chamber amounts to 1 year in the Dragon round timeline. Therefore guys, if you like this post, share it with your friends and I expect it has actually helped you to know just how old is Gohan in Dragon round Super.

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