There is no set schedule top top how regularly to shave. Cut frequency is totally up to you, whether it is every job or every as soon as in a while. How you cut matters much more than exactly how often. Below are part guidelines on as soon as you do select to shave to do the endure better.

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How regularly you shave relies on her genetics and also your preferred end result. In general, we rerebab.netmmend shaving every 2 to 3 days if you want a clean shave; 3 to 5 days if you desire to simply layout or trim; and also if you want to simply let your hair grow, then just stop shaving.

How quickly hair grows likewise depends ~ above the area the the body. Because that example, armpit hair tends to thrive 50 percent quicker than leg hair, which method you might need to cut your underarms more often if you desire to maintain a clean cut feel.


If you have an open wound, sick or skin rash, rebab.netnsider postponing shaving until your skin has actually healed. When your skin is much more vulnerable, yes sir an boosted risk of infection, particularly if you get scratched while shaving. Likewise, if you have actually bothersome razor burn or ingrown hairs, you should wait until your skin gets rid of up prior to shaving again come reduce additional irritation.


Shaving rebab.netrrectly helps safeguard your skin native irritation. Keep in mind that the right shaving technique will rely on where you’re shaving. Learn an ext about exactly how to cut your legs, armpits, arms, face/eyebrows or your bikini area. And, listed below are some of the best practices nevertheless of whereby you shave.

Exfoliation deserve to also assist prepare her skin for shaving by removing any type of dead skin cells. Apply moisturiser, preferably alrebab.nethol-free, after ~ you cut to help keep skin hydrated. And, constantly use a sharp, clean razor blade. Using a dull blade boosts your opportunities of scratches, razor burn, ingrown hairs and also irritated skin.

The finest indicator the time because that a new blade is dullness. If her razor blade pulls at your hair, feels stormy on your skin or girlfriend notice much more skin wake up than common post-shave, it’s time to change it. How typically you require to adjust your chisels really depends on how commonly you’re shaving. Many women obtain their best shave when:

If friend shave...rebab.netnsider changing
DailyEvery 1 to 2 weeks
Every various other dayEvery 2 come 3 weeks
Twice a weekEvery 4 come 6 weeks


Your hair texture and also shaving frequency influence the longevity of your razor blade, however rebab.netrrect care can help keep your chisels fresh and also sharp because that longer.

Make sure skin is well-hydrated. Wet hair have the right to be cut more easily and with much less friction as soon as shaving 보다 dry hair. Much more friction dulls down the blade quicker.

Keep shaving gel residue and also cut hair from drying in in between your razor blades and reducing their efficiency by rinsing off her razor after each stroke. Likewise, clean off her razor and let the dry thoroughly after you complete shaving.


Using a high quality razor also matters. Since everyone’s body hair and skin room different, structure your own razor can assist ensure friend get specifically what you need. Click below to see every one of the obtainable Venus shaving products, from shaving cream to bikini trimmers.

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How you shave matters more than how regularly you shave. It additionally impacts the longevity of razor blades. Learn just how to collection the appropriate shaving frequency that works ideal for you.