Meat slicers are getting much more and much more popular across the unified States, and for an excellent reason. Lock let house cooks anywhere try brand-new flavor combos in their sandwiches and neatly arranged charcuterie boards. Yet this meat-cheese-slicer craze could have concerned health-endangering consequences. That’s since not everyone knows how frequently should a meat slicer be cleaned.

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Fortunately, the ends now. This useful guide will tell you every little thing you must know about the importance of sanitizing and cleaning a meat slicer. Reading it is a should for learning about food safety.

Cleaning vs. Sanitizing Meat Slicers

First points first, we have to talk about the elephant in the room: cleaning and sanitizing a meat slicer space not the very same thing. Ns willing to bet you clean your meat slicer ~ every use, yet you likely don’t sanitize it as you should.

Cleaning a meat slicer method removing food residue from her machine. When you use a record towel to wipe down the blade, tray, and pusher, you’re only removing the grease and gunk indigenous the cured and raw meat that builds up while the device is running. Yet there are small and huge food particles you’re not acquiring rid of. The is whereby sanitization come in. This process uses cleaning assets to death harmful bacteria the could build up and also go unnoticed. If girlfriend don’t perform this, you might put your health and that of your loved ones in an excellent danger. Much more on the later.

In short, only a cleaned and also sanitized meat slicer can promote food safety.

Is no Sanitizing a Meat Slicer completely That huge of a Deal?

As we’ve seen, just wiping down a meat slicer no enough. There will always be food residue she missing, while will certainly fester in the chisels of the machine. Together you have the right to guess, this isn’t good.

For starters, if a dirty meat slicer is used, the deli item you slice won’t taste good. They will have actually soaked up whatever food particles to be left native the critical time you used your machine. In the end, girlfriend will have actually wasted money on cut of meat or cheese the you won’t enjoy.

Secondly (and many importantly), raw meat deserve to leave behind Listeria monocytogenes if you don’t sanitize your meat slicer well enough. This sometimes deadly bacteria can be found in deli items (meats and cheeses), however it can easily spread to other food items friend slice v cross-contamination. The only method to get rid of it is come use hot water and soaps or bleach.

All this goes because that meat grinders, too. So, if you currently know how vital it is come clean her meat grinder, you’ll likewise understand why friend can’t skip cleaning and also sanitizing a meat slicer.

When should Deli Slicers it is in Cleaned?

Meat slicers the are offered continuously (like the ones at grocery stores) should be cleaned and also sanitized several times every day. Blade guards, food trays, meat pushers—they all need to be cleaned v a soap solution and degreaser spray. The FDA has actually guidelines because that how often must a meat slicer be cleaned. They introduce sanitizing this slicers every 4 hrs for as lengthy as they’re in continuous use.


What around At-Home Meat Slicers?

At home, things room a little different. The FDA guidelines are for slicing devices to be cleaned and sanitized as soon as in consistent use. Ns willing to gambling you don’t usage your low- or heavy-duty slicer every day, right? Thus, yes no must clean the slicer every 4 hours. 

If you’re only using the meat slicer for less than 4 hours at a time, you deserve to clean and also sanitize the only once you’re done. Yet if she planning on utilizing the slicer for whole day, monitor the FDA referrals to clean and also sanitize the after every 4 hours. Yet you do it, make sure you’re being thorough v the cleaning!

How come Clean a Meat Slicer? Is the Hard?

We’ve answer how often must a meat slicer be cleaned, so currently comes the trickier part: how do you clean it? We’ve believed ahead and also written whole guide v a meat slicer sanitizer program that is considerable and basic to follow, from step 1 to the end.

In short, you will require only a few supplies: sanitizer solution, a spray bottle, a tenderness scrub pad, hot water, a clean towel, and also you’ll must wear security cut-resistant gloves make of stole wool. Make sure you have actually everything before even running your machine.

Keep in mental that, although no overly complicated, there are quite a few components that must be cleaned and sanitized. The meat slicer blade, gauge place, part deflector, sharpening stone, food chute, on slide rods, blade plate, confront plate, gauge plate, facility plate, tongue guard, ring guard mount, product tray will all need your attention.

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You will also need come make certain you clean the food table surfaces! Food security hinges on gift thorough and only using a clean meat slicer. And trust me, friend don’t want to resolve a negative case the Listeria monocytogenes.