For new, clear ice only

UNDER 4" - stay OFF 4" - ice cream fishing or other tasks on foot 5" - 7" - Snowmobile or ATV 8" - 12" - auto or tiny pickup 12" - 15" - medium truck Download ice Thickness accuse »

double the over thickness guidelines once traveling ~ above white ice

White ice or "snow ice" is only about half as strong as new clear ice. Dual the above thickness guidelines when traveling top top white ice. Plenty of factors other than thickness can cause ice to be unsafe.

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Ice is never 100% safe

The does no measure ice cream thickness ~ above Minnesota lakes. Your safety is her responsibility. Examine ice thickness at least every 150 feet.

Checking ice thickness

Before heading out on ice:

Temperature, eye cover, currents, springs and also rough fish all affect the loved one safety of ice. Ice is rarely the very same thickness over a single body of water; it have the right to be two feet special in one place and also one inch thick a few yards away. Examine the ice at the very least every 150 feet.

Ways to check ice thickness:


Ice chisel

An ice cream chisel is a metal rod through a sharp, flat blade welded onto one end. Journey the chisel right into the ice, utilizing a stabbing motion, to produce a hole. Next, measure ice thickness through a ice cream measure.


Ice auger

There room 3 different kinds the augers: hand, electric and also gas. Hand augers are low cost, irradiate weight and also quiet. Electric augers are additionally quiet, but use much less manual labor than a hand auger. Gas augers drill with ice the fastest, but are heavier, noisier and also generally more costly than hand or electrical models. ~ drilling a hole with the ice auger, measure ice thickness with a tape measure.


Cordless drill

Using a cordless drill and also a long, five-eighths inch timber auger bit, you can drill through eight customs of ice in much less than 30 seconds. Many cordless drills that are at least 7.2 volts will work, but the kind of bit is critical. You need a hardwood auger bit because they have a spiral called a "flute" about the tower that steel drilling bits don"t. The flutes pull the ice chips the end of the feet and assist keep it from acquiring stuck, lot in the way a full-sized ice auger works. After drilling a hole, measure ice cream thickness v a measure tape. Dried the bit and also give the a rapid spray that silicone lubricant after ~ each use to stop rust.


Tape measure

Use a tape measure up to find ice’s true thickness. Placed the ice cream measure right into the hole and hook the bottom edge of ice prior to taking measurement. Girlfriend can additionally use an ice fisherman"s ice skimmer v inch markings top top the manage in ar of the ice cream measure.

Don"t judge ice thickness through how easily a chisel or drill breaks the surface. It happens so quickly that it’s easy to evaluate the thickness.


Additional recommendations

Cars, pickups or SUVs must be parked at the very least 50 feet apart and moved every 2 hours to prevent sinking.

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Tip: do a hole next to the car. If water starts come overflow the top of the feet - the ice is sinking and also it’s time to relocate the vehicle.

For an ext information on ice safety or come request totally free publications, please call the information facility at:

Phone: (651) 296-6157 (metro area) or 1-888-646-6367 (toll complimentary outside the metro area)