They have fanciful, flirty name that include mango passion, tropical orange smoothie and — mine favourite that the whimsical monikers — coco melon paradise.

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And, prefer candy, coolers are crammed v sugar and also oh so simple to slurp down.

Since it’s summer, the optimal of patio season, The Dish believed it wise to expose the calories had in coolers.

Not to turn you off the fun, fizzy beverages. Rather, to point out the potential because that soaring sugar highs.

If you have actually looked, then you will recognize that it’s not simple to uncover calorie counts because that coolers. Many brands require curious consumer to call a 1-800-number to collection the information. A pen, document and a calculator are regularly needed come compute the last numbers.

To bypass the confusion, The Dish sent three well-known coolers — as said by a useful LCBO sales employee — to the lab for analysis.

As suspected, the drinks are seriously sweet.

Smirnoff ice cream — a vodka beverage v a cheek-twisting zing of citrus — is the the very least sugary that the 3 coolers tested.

A 330 mL bottle has 221 calories and 26 grams of carbohydrates, the equivalent to 6 1/2 teaspoons that sugar. (According come the laboratory, the carbohydrates in alcoholic coolers are all sugar).

The Bacardi Breezer — i tested the tropical orange smoothie version of the rum-based drink — is basically a spiked soda pop. A 330 mL bottle has actually 267 calories and contains 9 1/2 teaspoons the sugar. As a comparison, a 355 mL deserve to of Coke has about the exact same amount that sugar but 127 fewer calories.

Rockstar Vodka, the adult version of the hyper-popular caffeinated power drink, is the sweet of the trio.

A 473 mL can includes 440 calories and the tantamount of 14 teaspoons the sugar. (A 330 mL measure of Rockstar Vodka has actually 307 calories and 38 grams that carbohydrates).

Registered dietitian Shannon Crocker argues people think of alcoholic coolers as boozy desserts.

She points out that a small chocolate sundae indigenous Dairy Queen has 280 calories and 44 grams of sugars.

“The Bacardi breezer has roughly one more teaspoon of sugar,” she says.

“It could be simple to drink ago three of these coolers. Yet think around it in terms of dessert. How many chocolate sundaes would you eat?”

And despite the LCBO stocks light beers, coolers and also other reduced-calorie alcoholic drinks, Crocker suggests cooler fans shot making their own, sugar-free (or at the very least less sweet) version, in ~ home.

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Her favourite cooler-like drink is a minty take it on a gin rickey. Crocker makes hers through a scant shot of gin, new lime juice, torn mint leaves and also “lots that soda water.”

This refreshing bubbly drink has around 100 calories and no sugar.

“I’m not sure people are thinking about the sugar contents of your cooler once they’re sipping one top top a patio ~ above a summer’s afternoon. But, yes, really they more than likely should be.”