It is very important to save your Shih Tzu in ~ anadequate weight. Uneven your vet advises otherwise, friend should shot and save your dog in theweight-rangetypical forhis or she breed and gender.

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By analyzing thousands that data points, we developed the real-life Shih Tzu weight distribution chart. For a typical female, the weight varieties from 5.2kg come 8kg and for a male from 5.4Kg to 8kg. That is, 11.5lbs come 17.6lbs for females and 11.9lbs come 17.6lbs for males.

The graph presents the percent of the population that drops in a specific range. Because that example, the Shih Tzu weight is such that around 25% that the masculine dogs have a weight between 6kg and 7kg (between 13.3lbs and also 15.3lbs) and 25% of the female dogs have actually a weight in between 5.5kg and 7kg (between 12.1lbs and also 15.3lbs).

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Shih Tzu Weight

The best app to monitor the load of your Shih Tzu

The pets Care application has actually a section dedicated come tracking your pet’s weight. You can see trends and also identify any kind of problems. You just have to go come the “Measurements” section and also then choose “Weight“. Girlfriend can collection up the common weight range for your pet and also log different measurements over time. V this info the application will certainly monitor it’s weight as you can see in the photo below.

Monitor the weight of her pet

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More details from experts of her Shih Tzu

Care guide for the restroom of her Shih Tzu

In ours blog you can likewise find a care guidefor the restroom of your Shih Tzu developed by a team of experts. It defines how often you should bath your dog, trim its nails, clear its ear etc. And which room the most adequate tools.