I’m not saying that food preparation meat outdoors is stressful. Yet there’s much more than sufficient occupying your mind between prepping the meat, getting your cooker come temperature, and monitoring the totality show. Girlfriend don’t also want to worry if girlfriend cooked enough meat! Keep reading as ns share with you the keys to having enough pulled pork for everyone.

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With a straightforward formula and a couple of rules of thumb, this article will call you how much raw pork to buy and also cook, so everyone gets sufficient pulled pork at your following cookout.

You like to re-superstructure your food preparation with appreciative eaters, right? Of food you perform — we don’t execute it just to please ourselves!

Because we’re such offering people, we always want come make sure our guests get enough to eat. Also if that method we need to make execute with a tiny less. (Not counting the bits we cut off come “test” and also the piece that accidentally fall off the platter and onto the respond to that we wouldn’t dream of serving to anyone however shouldn’t go to waste.)

If you’re tired of rationing meat or short-changing yourself, this post is below to save the day. Through the finish of this read, you’ll know how much raw pork you need to end up with enough cooked pork to walk around.

I’ve obtained some simple math currently completed because that you (“It to be my understanding there would be no math.”), yet I’ve also noted the original formula so girlfriend can shot it yourself.

Now you have the right to calculate with confidence the ideal amount of life pork necessary for anyone to acquire a appropriate serving of traction pork…but don’t have to, due to the fact that we provide a rapid look-up table too!

I’ll begin us off v a an essential fact…

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5 other Things come Consider

Cooked Pork will certainly Weigh fifty percent as lot as raw Pork

If you’ve ever cooked meat (or watched Seinfeld), you’re familiar with the ide of shrinkage.

You’ve no doubt noticed the those hamburger patties the look favor they’ll crush her buns come turn off the grill much smaller than they went on. That’s due to the fact that meat loser moisture from the press of contracting fibers, squeezing that out.

It’s the same story with raw pork, and also pork shoulder or pork butt, in particular, i m sorry is the resource of pulled pork. The shoulder is rather fatty before it’s cooked, i beg your pardon is part of why it’s therefore dang delicious. (Fat = flavor!) through all the fat, over there is a lot of moisture — and weight — come lose.

Amazingly, you can lose over 40% that the initial mass of her raw pork when you cook it. Admittedly you do add some weight back when you include sauce during pulling her pork. However this is minimal compared to the loss.

So because that the benefits of simplicity in our calculations, we’ll ring it come an also 50%. The worst that can happen is you have a little extra, and also that’s never a negative thing.

So the transaction is: You must buy dual the amount of raw pork, the you’ll have to serve cooked due to trimming, bone removal and shrinkage during cooking.

And hey, constantly buy more than friend need due to the fact that leftover traction pork has so many uses. And we’ve a overview on how to reheat pulled pork the best way that friend can check out.

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At a Glance – Table of quantity of pulled Pork for different Size Groups

To spare you unnecessary calculations, right here are predetermined amounts for specific numbers of adults and children.

To do it fit onto a smartphone mobile screen, we’ve do it 2 tables, one because that adults and another because that children.

Starting v adults:

Number that AdultsCooked Pork forced (in pounds)Raw Pork come Buy(in pounds)
22/31 1/3
51 2/33 1/3
103 2/36 2/3
206 2/313 1/3
5016 2/333 1/3
10033 1/366 2/3

And currently for the children:

Number of ChildrenCooked Pork forced (in pounds)Raw Pork to Buy(in pounds)
51 1/42 1/2
102 1/25
307 1/215
5012 1/225

Using these charts, friend can number out any kind of number in between if you no interested in utilizing the formula from the following section.

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Oh, and also heaven help you if 100 children are coming to your place for pulled pork.

How lot Cooked pulled Pork to serve Per Person – the Maths


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