Stevie Wonder network Worth: Stevie Wonder is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer who has actually a net worth the $110 million dollars. A multi-instrumentalist, composer, and also songwriter, Wonder is taken into consideration by many to be a genius, Stevie Wonder to be signed come Motown records at the period of 11. Few of his 30 #1 hits encompass "Superstition," "Isn"t She Lovely," and also "I Just dubbed to Say i Love You."

Early Life: Stevland Hardaway Judkins to be born in Saginaw, Michigan on may 13, 1950. That is the third of six children of songwriter Lula Mae Hardaway and Calvin Judkins. Wonder was six weeks premature. The oxygen-rich incubator an unified with his preemie status resulted in his blindness, i m sorry is officially a problem known together retinopathy of prematurity. Stevie"s parents divorced once he to be four. Stevie and his siblings relocated to Detroit v their mom. When he was a kid, that sang in the choir of his regional Baptist Church. Stevie confirmed musical inclinations in ~ a young age and also easily picked up the piano, drums, and harmonica. Wonder"s blindness gave him a heightened awareness of sound that let him develop vibrant and also colorful music. His talent was quickly spotted through Motown CEO Berry Gordy and also in 1961 he signed with Motown. He was 11.

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Career: Because Wonder was just a child, Motown attracted up a five-year contract in i m sorry royalties would certainly be put in a trust till Stevie turned 21. He and also his mother were payment a weekly stipend that $2.50 come cover their expenses — this is tantamount to around $21 today. As soon as he to be 11, he exit "Tribute come Uncle Ray," his very first album, i beg your pardon was complete of consists of song by ray Charles. The critical album referred to as "The Jazz spirit of small Stevie" to be released next. Stevie joined the Motortown Revue close to the end of 1962. His 20-minute performance at Chicago"s Regal theater was released as the 1963 album "Recorded Live: The 12-Year-Old Genius." The solitary "Fingertips" from the album ended up being a large hit.

Wonder scored numerous hits between 1968 and 1970 such as "I was Made come Love Her," "For once in my Life," and also "Signed, Sealed, ceded I"m Yours." The hit single "Signed, Sealed, delivered I"m Yours" to be his first-ever self-produced song.

In September 1970, at the age of 20, Wonder married Syreeta Wright, a singer-songwriter. Wright and also Wonder operated together ~ above the next album, 1971"s "Where I"m comes From." Wonder turn 21 on may 13, 1971, and also let his Motown contract expire.

Wonder signed a new contract through Motown records which was a criterion at Motown as it offered Wonder a much higher royalty rate. Wonder returned to Motown in march 1972 with "Music of my Mind." exit in late 1972, "Talking Book" featured the number one access time "Superstition" and "You space the Sunshine of my Life." between them, the 2 songs won 3 Grammy Awards.

"Innervisions," exit in 1973, featured "Higher Ground" (No. 4 ~ above the pop charts) and "Living because that the City" (No. 8). Both songs reached number one ~ above the R&B charts. "Innervisions" generated three more Grammy Awards, consisting of Album of the Year. The album is ranked No. 23 on roll Stone"s 500 biggest Albums of every Time.

Among Wonder"s best-known works are compositions prefer "Superstition," "Sir Duke," "You room the Sunshine of my Life," "Mon Cherie Amour," and "I Just dubbed to Say i Love You." as for his best-known albums, they include "Talking Book," "Innervisions," and "Songs in the crucial of Life." having received 25 Grammy Awards, Wonder is the most awarded masculine solo artist ever. In addition to the above, he is also appreciated for his job-related as one activist because that political causes, consisting of his 1980 project to make Martin Luther King, Jr."s date of birth a vacation in the unified States. By renowned vote, Stevie Wonder to be inducted into The heart Music hall of fame in December 2012.

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Stevie Wonder

Net Worth:$110 Million
Date the Birth:May 13, 1950 (71 year old)
Height:6 ft (1.84 m)
Profession:Record producer, Drummer, Organist, keyboard Player, Pianist, Composer, Singer-songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Musician, Actor
Nationality:United claims of America

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