Queen Latifah is a jack of all trades. In between acting, singing, producing, and also other business ventures, the 50-year-old (born Dana Elaine Owens), has been a force in the entertainment industry because the late 1980s (via Celebrity net Worth). After releasing 2 hip-hop albums, Latifah played Khadijah James ~ above the FOX sitcom Living Single indigenous 1993 to 1998. Later, she uncovered massive success certification in films like Chicago (which earned she an Academy compensation nomination), 22 jump Street, and Bringing under the House

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Through it all, Latifah has used she platform come speak out about the music industry"s rampant sexism, i m sorry she"s skilled firsthand. If participating in a dashboard during Tina Brown"s females in the people Summit in 2017, the star opened up up around the inequality she experienced as one up-and-coming rapper (via HuffPost). "When you acquire to a record agency and friend realize that you"re not gaining the very same marketing dollars as your male counterparts in the same company — you"re already fighting," she said. "You"re fighting, number one, to be a female rapper. You"re fighting to obtain the same dollars and marketing that your masculine counterparts would certainly get, one uphill battle."

Despite any kind of challenges along the way, Latifah has controlled to preserve millionaire status — plenty of times over.

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According to Celebrity net Worth, Queen Latifah is worth $70 million, the majority of which originates from her work-related as a musician and actress. Her highest-grossing film to be 2005"s Beauty Shop, i m sorry earned she a whopping $10 million. In 2003, she starred in Bringing under the House alongside comedy legend Steve Martin, because that which she took residence $1 million. She do $325,000 from Chicago, the movie musical that also got her an Oscar nomination. 

A section of her earnings likewise comes from assorted sponsors. She"s probably best known for her partnership v CoverGirl, which began in 2006 and also eventually led to her very own CoverGirl line, the Queen Collection. "The believed of being a CoverGirl was simply ," Latifah reflect in an interview with Essence in 2017. "Once I came to be one, I believed it would certainly be so exceptional for everyone to see me together a Covergirl due to the fact that I didn"t get to check out that CoverGirl cultivation up."

It"s not clear exactly how lot Latifah has earned v CoverGirl, however it"s most likely safe come say it"s no little sum. In enhancement to her beauty ventures, Latifah has likewise written 3 books (via Amazon) and released her very own perfume (via Amazon).