Daddy Yankee network Worth: Daddy Yankee is a Latin i know good hop artist who has actually a net worth of $40 million. He is just one of the most-famous and also successful musical artists in the entertainment sector today.

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Early Life: Ramón louis Ayala Rodríguez, recognized professionally as Daddy Yankee, was born in Río Piedras, the largest distract of mountain Juan, Puerto Rico, ~ above February 3, 1977. His dad was also a musician; he to be a salsa percussionist, what is known as bongosero. His mother has actually a manicurist, although she additionally came indigenous a family members of musician. He has actually a brother named Nomar.

As a teenager, his dream to be to be a professional significant League Baseball player. He in reality was maybe to shot out because that the Seattle Mariners. However, his sport dreams were shattered once he got caught in the crossfire of a barrio gun battle, and also sustained a bullet wound in his leg from an AK-47.

Music Career: Ayala had an initial started singing and also rapping in ~ the period of 13, yet it wasn"t till he to be recovering native the bullet wounds the he had the chance to emphasis on his music career. The was inspired by the format of Vico C, DJ Playero, DJ Nelson, and DJ Drako, and linked their formats with his own to be one of the very first artists to perform what is well-known as Reggaeton, a format of Spanish-language dancehall reggae. Among his an initial music appearances to be on DJ Playero"s 1991 mixtape, "Playero 34", v the tune "So" Persigueme, No car Detengas". His very first official solo studio task was "No Mercy" (1995), which to be released with White Lion Records and also BM records in Puerto Rico. Throughout the 1990s he continued to show up on several of DJ Playero"s mixtapes, countless of which were bnned by the Puerto Rican government for explicit lyrics. That is taken into consideration to be among the pioneers through the Reggaeton genre, and also is actually credited by some as being the one who coined the term "Reggaeton" in 1994, in addition to DJ Playero. The two supplied the ax to define their music on your 1994 album "Playero 36".

In 1997, Ayala collaborated through the rapper Nas on the song "The Profecy". Then he released two compilation albums "El Cartel" (1997) and also "El Cartel II" (2001). Lock were really successful in Puerto Rico, yet failed come gain any type of traction in the rest of Latin America. His first true worldwide success came in 2002, once he released the album "El". Various other projects he functioned on throughout this early duration in his career include a collaboration with Nicky Jam, known as Los Cangris; a compilation album "Los Homerun-es" (2003); and also the albums "Mas Flow" (2003) and "Mas circulation 2" (2005), i m sorry he operated on with prestigious reggaetón producers Luny Tunes.

The third solo studio album by Ayala, "Barrio Fino" was released in 2004 by El Cartel Records and also VI Music. It was in reality the an initial release by El Cartel Records, Ayala"s record firm that he co-owns through Andres Hernandez. The album was a hit throughout multiple regions, and sold end 500,000 copies in the United says alone. He followed up the album with an global tour, through stops in countries including the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Honduras, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, and also the united States. Among the album"s singles in particular, "Gasolina", was a vast international hit.

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Daddy Yankee

Net Worth:$40 Million
Date the Birth:Feb 3, 1977 (44 year old)
Height:5 ft 7 in (1.702 m)
Profession:Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Music artist, Actor, Singer-songwriter
Nationality:Puerto Rico

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